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Scripture Lady’s Preschool Bible Review Games for Bible Verses

Scripture Lady’s Preschool Bible Review Games for Bible Verses

Scripture Lady’s Preschool Bible Review Games for Bible Verses

Isn’t it exciting when a preschooler starts to become familiar with some of God’s greatest Bible verses?  For example, John 3:16 can help them begin to understand Jesus’ great love for the world. Romans 8:28 can help them learn that God is good and that He will always work for the good in their lives. And Romans 3:23 can begin to open their eyes to the fact that sometimes they do wrong things called sin.

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Coming up with preschool Bible games for specific Scriptures is a joy. No. Our preschoolers will not have a deep understanding of these Bible verses. The key here is that they become familiar with them. There is no need for children’s ministries to wait for kids to mature in their levels of understanding before sharing God’s truths. Constant and consistent sharing of the Bible will help our little ones grow in their relationship with the Lord sooner than if teachers and parents waited for the “age of reason” to come along.


At we have loads of Bible activities for preschoolers that will delight them and help them take steps, albeit small, to their wonderful Savior. As their teacher or parent, you will be delighted to see them grow. And one day they may just surprise you by quoting one of God’s great verses that became hidden in their hearts and minds.


So, please take the time to browse through this growing list of fun preschool Bible activities for specific Scriptures. “Where Do I Belong?” will help your little ones learn the importance of the Bible and its stories. “Way, Truth, Life Buttons” will give them the chance to learn that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life according to John 14:6. And “God is GOOD!” will remind your preschoolers that God truly is good as told in Psalm 118:1. These are just a few titles to help your little ones be on their way to growing in God.


“Call to me and I will answer you and I will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Jeremiah 33:3

(Click here for a sample of this Bible verse song.)


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