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Bible Verse Games for the Fruit of the Spirit: Which One?

Bible verse games are great for preschoolers too! Here is one on the Fruit of the Spirit called “Which One?”

I actually play this game in my “Scripture Lady Sings the Fruit of the Spirit” program.  It’s a great way for your young ones to better understand each of God’s great fruit.

Bible verse games are fun and for this one you will need to cut out and laminate the pictures found in the links below.  As you will see, there are two pictures for each fruit.  One picture will show a correct example of the fruit mentioned and the other will be a bad example of the fruit.

Gather all the cards and place them in a pile in front of you in the order they are found in the Scripture.  Pick up the first two pictures, one in each hand, with the picture side facing away from the children.  Tell the children that you are going to show them an example of love.  They have to decide which picture shows love the best.  Turn each picture

around and read the descriptions found at the bottom of each card.  Finally, raise up one picture at a time and ask the children, “Which picture shows love?  This one?  (Hold out for children to see.)  Or that one?  (Hold the other picture out.)  As the children decide on the correct version of love they should be encouraged to either clap or “boo” or give a thumbs up or down accordingly.

Fruit of the Spirit – Love Picture

Fruit of the Spirit – Joy Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Peace Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Patience Picture

Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Goodness Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness Picture 

Fruit of the Spirit – Self-Control Picture 

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