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Donate Today to The Scripture Lady Ministry

If you are you ready to be a part of a ministry that reaches hundreds of children

every month with the good news of Jesus Christ,


Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will help Kathy, The Scripture Lady,

continue to captivate kids for Christ through

creative programs, resources and workshops.




kathy-vincentHi, I’m Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady. I want to thank you so much for considering to donate to my ministry. For over 2 decades, I have had the honor of captivating kids for Christ by creatively sharing the Bible through my musical Bible programs, toe-tapping music and many other engaging resources.

The mission of The Scripture Lady Ministry is to creatively share the Bible to children to encourage a relationship with Jesus and God’s Word.

When you donate to this ministry, you will be helping my husband and I continue to share God’s Word week after week to hundreds of children, preschool through elementary ages.

I have always had a heart for the small church and school. Therefore, as The Scripture Lady, I try to keep my honorariums to fit any budget. Your donations will help my husband and I continue to minister to children, literally all over the world, on a full-time basis while helping schools and churches reach their children for Jesus.

Children need to be taught that Jesus loves them. They need to hear His life-changing truth.

Will you consider helping to meet both of these needs through the Scripture Lady ministry?

I hope you will and I am thankful for your time and consideration.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a non-profit?

The Scripture Lady ministry is a for-profit business. After much prayer, we believe the Lord has called us to maintain our business status.

Will I get a tax-deduction receipt for my donation?

No, you will not receive a tax deduction receipt for any amount donated.

What do you do with my donations?

All donations go towards maintaining the full-time work of The Scripture Lady ministry. Donations will be used in the following ways:

  • To help alleviate the costs for churches and schools to have a Scripture Lady Event
  • To help with the every day expenses of running The Scripture Lady business.
  • To help promote The Scripture Lady website.
  • To help create resources for children’s ministry workers and parents.
  • To help provide the time needed to create new programming for schools and churches.



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