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Scripture Lady’s Bible Song Program: Let’s Pray! – Teaching Preschoolers to Pray

Invite the Scripture Lady to present her preschool Bible song program “Let’s Pray!” – a fun Scripture-filled musical presentation for young hearts.

One of the biggest questions the Scripture Lady receives from teachers of preschoolers is, “How do I teach my preschoolers to pray?” Her answer is usually, “By example.” If you want your little ones to pray to God, then you must be the example and make prayer important in your own life. Whether you’re the teacher or the parent, your little ones are looking to you to lead them spiritually.

Here is a fun Bible song program that introduces the topic of prayer to your little ones in a creative and fun way. Using the concept of the acrostic “ACTS”, Kathy will teach your preschoolers how to pray:

A – (Adoration) – We can tell God we love Him!

C – (Confession) – We can tell God we are sorry!

T – (Thanksgiving) – We can tell God thank you!

S – (Supplication) – We can pray for our friends!

Here is a quick outline of the program:

Bible Verse Song #1: “Pray Morning, Noon and Night” (Psalm 55:17) – Psalm 55:17 is a great way to start off a program teaching preschoolers to pray because it reminds us to pray morning, noon and night. In other words, we all need to make prayer a daily habit.

Bible Game #1: Find and Flip – The Lord’s Prayer – Here is a fun Power Point game that introduces one of the greatest prayers Jesus prayed, The Lord’s Prayer. The children are shown important points about this prayer as pictures. As each of the images is flipped a large poster is revealed showing a sweet picture of Jesus.

Bible Verse Song #2: “The Lord’s Prayer” – After playing a game to discover the important points of Jesus’ wonderful prayer, the children will then sing all about it.

Teaching Point #1: A – (Adoration) – We can tell God we love Him! – It takes our whole lives to learn to love and praise God. So, it’s never too early to train our little ones to do the same.

Bible Song #1: “Praise Him, Praise Him!” (CEF) – This old Sunday School favorite is definitely a great way to teach our preschoolers to praise God, love God and serve God.

Teaching Point #2: C – (Confession) – We can tell God we are sorry! – Preschoolers are learning when they do something wrong. They may not understand the full concept of sin, but we can definitely teach them to say, “I’m sorry.” Wise is the teacher and parent who teaches their children early to confess their wrongdoings to God and to others.

Bible Game #2: “I’m So Sorry” – Here is a game in which the Scripture Lady showcases different situations in which children have either said something wrong, thought something wrong, or did something wrong. After discovering the offense, Kathy encourages the audience to sing this little poem to the tune of “Frere Jacques”:

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

What I did wasn’t right.

Please forgive me. Please forgive me.

Thank You, God. Thank You, God.

Bible Song #2: “Monkey See, Monkey Do” – Here is one of the Scripture Lady’s newest and funnest songs all about being forgiving. It includes a large inflatable monkey and some little monkeys to make it extra fun! Mama Monkey teaches her baby monkeys that they need to forgive each other when they doing something wrong.

Watch this video of “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

Teaching Point #3: T – (Thanksgiving) – We can tell God thank you! – Prayer should always include thanksgiving and their is so much our little ones can learn to be thankful for.

Bible Game #3: “My Family Loves Me” – Preschoolers can learn to be thankful for their families and all they do. Here is a fun Power Point game to help them learn this truth.

Teaching Point #4: S – (Supplication) – We can pray for our friends! – Preschoolers are very self-absorbed. That’s the way God made them at this age, but as teachers and parents we need to definitely teach them to be thoughtful of others and to pray for the needs of others.

Bible Game #4: “Community Helpers” – In this Bible game, the Scripture Lady teaches your preschoolers to pray for those in their community like the policeman, fireman, teacher and many others.

Bible Song #3: “How to Pray” – Here is another one of Kathy’s newest songs which presents a good way of teaching preschoolers to pray. “I will close my eyes and fold my hands and bow my head before You…”

I hope this outline is helpful and will help you decide to book your program today of “Let’s Pray!”


 “Let’s Pray!” can last from 30 to 45 minutes

depending on your time constraints. 

It is appropriate for children ages 2 through 6.

To book your program, contact

Kathy Vincent at 714-331-7192 or email her at





* A clear and accurate presentation of the Bible for preschoolers.

* Easy to remember Bible songs for kids

accompanied by fun and appropriate moves.

 * Loads of props and visuals to keep ALL the children focused and attentive.

 * A visually colorful and inviting stage setup.

 * Total audience participation.

 * And LOTS of fun!





The Scripture Lady’s Bible Song “Monkey See, Monkey Do”:

Manners matter. Yes, they do. Many eyes are watching you. Monkey see, monkey do. Now please forgive ’cause God forgave you!

(Click HERE for a sample of this Bible Verse Song.)

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