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Scripture Lady’s Press Kit for Teacher Training Workshops

Scripture Lady’s Press Kit for Teacher Training Workshops

Learn how Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady, can train your Christian children’s workers through her creative teacher training workshops

One of the greatest blessings Kathy has is sharing her years of experience working with children with other Christian teachers. Discover how your teachers can learn creative ways to share God’s life-changing Word to the children God has placed within their care.

Do your Christian teachers need encouragement?
Then invite Kathy Vincent to your church or school for a day of inspiration and unique, must have resources and ideas through effective teacher training workshops.


“We are always pleased with Kathy Vincent’s presentations and variety of workshops at CMTA. She comes with a great expertise of working with children and CEF as well as knowing how to minister and relate to them. Most importantly, Kathy’s mission and heart is to serve; this is so evident whether she is teaching, singing or walking the conference corridors.” Mary Rice HopkinsWWW.MARYRICEHOPKINS.COM


Hosting a Scripture Lady teacher training workshop will provide your teachers, both seasoned and new, with practical, do it this week, activities and ideas to help your kids get excited about the Bible.

A Scripture Lady workshop is designed to train each of your children’s workers to be more confident and prepared to creatively teach the Word of God to their students.

Many Sunday School and Christian teachers often feel unprepared to teach the Bible to the various age groups given them. And today’s technology-saturated kids require teaching that is targeted to their generation with eye-catching visuals.


“We appreciate Kathy’s energy and unique ideas that she brought. We’re ready to have you back, Kathy!”

Cindy S. – Preschool Director, EV Free Fullerton


So, what’s it take to book a Scripture Lady Workshop?

  • A desire to see your children’s workers encouraged and edified.
  • A room big enough to accommodate your teachers as well as Scripture Lady and all her great props.
  • The supply of four 6′ to 8′ tables for Scripture Lady’s props and products.
  • A Scripture Lady workshop is very affordable. We want to bless you and work within your budget. Please browse through our WORKSHOP PACKAGES to choose the one best for you and your ministry.
  • You also might want to throw in some refreshments to keep your teachers extra happy.
  • Lastly, CONTACT ME, THE SCRIPTURE LADY,  to book your day of encouragement!

“Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas. I used a couple of your games, adapted for the type of Bible drill section I was teaching, with the youth at a retreat I did last weekend. The games were a big success! It was so nice to have some fresh ideas.” Karen N.


So if you’re ready for your Christian children’s workers to be newly inspired, then invite Kathy Vincent to your church or school for a day of:

  • inspiration and unique, must-have resources and ideas through effective teacher training.
  • fellowship with like-minded individuals who desire to be the best teachers they can be.
  • learning practical, do-it-this-week, activities and ideas to get the kids you minister to excited about the Bible and God.

To book your teacher training workshop,

please contact Kathy Vincent at 714-331-7192

or email her at


Kathy has spoken at the following venues:

Workshop Icons

“Kathy, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the gift the Lord has given you and all the hard work you do to share with us your great ideas.” Pamela C. – Calvary Chapel Paso Robles


“Thank you so much, Kathy! You really inspired me at the Children’s Ministry Conference at Murietta this past week.” Diane A.

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

(Click HERE for a sample of this Bible Verse Song.)

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