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Testimonials About Scripture Lady’s Teacher Training Workshops

Testimonials About Scripture Lady’s Teacher Training Workshops

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Thank you Kathy.  Your class in Burbank really changed the way we teach our kids.  You truly are a blessing for children everywhere.  Thank you for using the gifts that God has entrusted to you.

Steven S. – New Hope Christian


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicIn the words of one of the children:  “You were AWESOME!”  Praise The Lord! for your ministry.  We all had a wonderful time.  Thank you for coming.  Most of all, thank God for one more soul added to the kingdom of heaven.  

Jackie S. – Calvary Chapel Long Beach


  • Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicI really enjoyed your class Kathy. You were excited. God Bless You!
  • I loved this! She gave me lots of fun ideas.
  • Great job with new ideas to apply.
  • Very entertaining. That’s how we all should be at Awana.
  • Love the displays, ideas, games!! Very energetic! Loved the apron and colors she wore.
  • She was highly engaging and extremely enthusiastic for God’s Word!
  • So fun! Kathy has done this before, hasn’t she… 🙂
  • Songs & Games are key for children to learn verses & stories.  Great job 🙂 Very engaging.
  • Great teacher! Showed us games & props we can use to help kids memorize and have a great time.
  • Very imaginative – great ideas.
  • Good ideas to reach children and get them excited about Christ.

Comments from AWANA Conference 2010


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicThank you Kathy and bless you for your email Kid Tips filled with so many wonderful resources.

Patti F.


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicKathy, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the gift the Lord has given you and all hard work you do to share with us your great ideas!

Pamela C. – Calvary Chapel Paso Robles


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicAll your newsletters have been fun filled with great ideas that can be easily copied, laminated and put to use.  Many of my teachers have especially liked the website links that have allowed them to research other topics applicable to the lesson they are teaching that week.

Lynda P. – Calvary Chapel


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicI’m so thankful to our Lord for your ministry and pray that he blesses you and your family abundantly. Your website has been so helpful to our church.

Pam B. – Phelan Community Church


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicKathy,  thank you so much for your e-mail Kid Tips. You pack so much great info into them. Thanks for all your research. You are truly a blessing from the Lord and your class at the conference was great. You make it so real. Thanks again.

Julie L.


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS PicThank you so much, Kathy.  You really inspired me at the children’s ministry conference in Murietta this past week.

Diane A.



“When Your words came I ate them. They were my joy and my heart’s delight for I bear Your name, O Lord God Almighty.”

Jeremiah 15:16

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1 thought on “Testimonials About Scripture Lady’s Teacher Training Workshops”

  • Hello Kathy!!! You are an inspiration to me!!! DO you have any other workshops coming up soon? I would love to try to attend.
    Thank you!!!

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