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Scripture Lady’s Bible Song Program: The Wordless Book

Scripture Lady’s Bible Song Program: The Wordless Book

Invite the Scripture Lady to present her elementary Bible song program “The Wordless Book” – a fun Scripture-filled musical presentation that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you’ve never heard of the Wordless Book – you’re in for a big treat- literally! The Scripture Lady will share the Gospel by giving significant meaning to each of the 5 great Wordless Book colors – yellow, black, red, white and green.

Each of the Gospel points is also taught by the creative presentation of a certain kind of candy. For example, Tootsie Rolls will remind your children of the sin in their lives. A Hundred Grand Bar will remind them that Jesus “paid the price for their sin,” and a York Peppermint Patty will represent their lives as Christians and God’s great grace!

Your kids will be challenged to invite Jesus into their lives after they have sung their way through great key Gospel verses.

Here is a quick outline of the program:

As with all of the Scripture Lady’s programs, props are a big part of her presentations. This program is no exception. Kathy begins the show by presenting a book with no words inside of it. This makes sense of course, because it is indeed called “The Wordless Book.” But it does contain 5 great colors – Yellow, Black, which is a dark color, Red, White, which is a clean color, and Green. The fun begins with her rendition of “The Wordless Book Song.”

Kathy then proceeds to talk about what each color means. She explains that yellow is to remind us of Heaven. The Bible says that in Heaven there is going to be one street made out of pure gold. But as exciting as that may be to see one day, that cannot compare with the fact that Heaven is where God lives and it is God’s desire that everyone would choose to live in Heaven with Him forever and ever.

But Heaven has rules. And one of the biggest rules about Heaven is that absolutely nothing bad or specifically sinful can ever enter into Heaven. This brings us to the black or dark color.

Kathy pulls out some Tootsie Rolls and reminds the children that they are dark all the way through. This reminds her of the Bible verse Romans 13:12, which says “We need to set aside the deeds of darkness in our lives.” This verse is talking about sin. Sin is anything we think, say or do that displeases God. At this point, the Scripture Lady shares her Bible verse song for Romans 3:23, which says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Once the audience realizes that everyone is a sinner, Kathy goes to the red color. The red color is to remind us of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross to cleanse us from all our sin. The children are then introduced to the Bible verse song 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. The Scripture Lady then shares an engaging gospel magic trick that describes how the blood of Jesus covers over all our sin.

Next, comes the white or clean color. Kathy begins to share a little bit about how she chose to ask Jesus to forgive her sin when she was 13 and asked Jesus to be her Savior. She then pulls out a Peppermint Patty to help illustrate her life as a Christian. The outside of the patty is a dark chocolate, which can remind us of our sin, but the inside is a clean white mint, which can remind us of how God sees our hearts once we ask Jesus into our lives.

Once the children are taught about God’s forgiveness of their sin through the death of His Son Jesus Christ, then the children are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God. The green color reminds us of green things that grow like grass and trees. We can grow in our friendship with God. Kathy sings and shares 2 Peter 3:18, which says, “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen!”

Finally, the Scripture Lady returns full circle back to the yellow color and pulls out a Mister Goodbar candy bar. This prop is used to teach the children that many people think they can get to Heaven just by being really, really good. But this is not true. The only way anyone can be truly good without sin is by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Kathy ends the program by reminding the children that if they choose to ask Jesus to forgive them of their sin and to accept Him as their Savior, then one day they will get to live in Heaven with Him forever and ever. Therefore it is fitting to end the program with a lively version of John 3:16 pointing to God’s gift of eternal life.

I hope this outline is helpful and will help you decide to book your program today of “The Wordless Book.”

“The Wordless Book” can last from 30 minutes to a full hour 

depending on your time constraints. 

It is a clear presentation of the Gospel at an elementary level.

For bookings or more info, please call

Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady, at


or email me at

[email protected]


What can you expect when the Scripture Lady presents

her Bible songs for kids at your church or school?

* A clear and accurate presentation of the Gospel for kids.

* Easy to remember Bible songs for kids

accompanied by fun and appropriate moves.

 * Loads of props and visuals to keep ALL the children focused and attentive.

 * A visually colorful and inviting stage setup.

 * Total audience participation.

 * And LOTS of fun!


Book your Bible Song Program today!



The Wordless Book Song –

Take a little look at the Wordless Book

It could really change your life today!

Take a little look at the Wordless Book

It really has a lot to say…

By Kathy Vincent

(Click HERE for a sample of this Bible Verse Song.)

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