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Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Story Games for Kids

Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Story Games for Kids

EL Bible Story Games ButtonWelcome to Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Story Games for Kids

Many of us have a favorite Bible story. Mine happens to be the story of Gideon. I love how God takes a fearful man and turns him into a mighty warrior for His glory and purposes. God is so faithful to be strong in our weaknesses and I am very grateful for that. Such a lesson is eternally priceless and it is these kinds of lessons that we have the opportunity to share with our children. And if we can roll this lesson into a Bible review game, our kids will enjoy it all the more.

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Bible story games for specific Bible stories is indeed a great way for our children to learn more about God’s amazing Word. But when you present a Bible story through a Bible review game, don’t forget to include these four elements:

1.  You gotta have great visuals. For a kid, a Bible story without great visuals, is like being in front of Disneyland without a ticket. Our children NEED visuals to keep them interested and engaged. I know this usually means extra work, but your kids are worth it!

2.  Know the main point(s) of the story you want to teach. Whenever you are telling a Bible story, make sure you can articulate the message you want to drive home. Stick to one or two key points. Most Bible stories have several important lessons that can be taught. You will be wise to make the message simple for greater understanding.

3.  Make sure you have all the pieces and props ready to go. Many of the Scripture Lady Bible review games have pieces or props that go with them. Take the time to prepare the games well, having everything you need, so that you can concentrate more on the message of the lesson.

4.  Ask the Lord to bless it! Remember “play” is a child’s “work.” A Bible review game is serious spiritual business. So, make sure you ask for the Lord’s direction in all aspects of your presentation.

Check back often to find new titles that we will add periodically.


“Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us and we are His. We are His people; the sheep of His pasture.”

Psalm 100:3

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