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Scripture Lady’s Bible Story Games: How to Use Bible Story Pictures and Art Appreciation Questions for Kids

The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible story games! Here is one to teach you how to use Bible story pictures and art appreciation questions.

I LOVE vintage Bible story pictures. You know the kind I am talking about. They were hanging on the walls of your Sunday School classes cheering the dreary walls and inviting you to read the story that bore their image.

Here for example is a picture of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace:

Or here is the feeding of the 5,000 with the boy’s small lunch:

Or here is Jesus calming the storm:

I don’t know of any child who is not captivated by such great illustrations as these. I really want to encourage you to start your own Bible story pictures library. The internet is full of them and such publications as the Easter Ideals 2013 (Ideals Easter) which have beautiful renderings also.

But how can you use these pictures to spark your children’s interest in God’s amazing Word?  Today, I want to give you an idea that I actually was introduced to when I was a little girl myself. When I was in kindergarten, we had an art critic come and show us replicas of the great paintings of our time. She would engage us by asking us questions about what we saw in the pictures. You can do the same thing with your children while showing them great Bible story images Here are some great questions you can ask your children about the pictures to help spark good conversation and curious little minds.  The following list is what I have come up with, but don’t forget to go online and take a look at some other sites that give other art appreciation questions.  I have included one in my “Scripture Lady Recommends section.  Just Google “art questions” or “art appreciation for children”.  Enjoy!

1.   What Bible Story does this picture show?

2.   Who is this person?  (Point to a particular person)

3.   What do you think ______________is thinking  (Fill in the blank.)

4.   What do you think ______________is feeling?

5.   Can you point to the ____________?

6.   Is there anything missing in this picture?

7.   What do you think ______________is doing?

8.   How many ____________do you see?

9.   If you were the artist what color would you have painted the ______________?

10.   If you could be anyone or anything in this picture, who or what would you be?

11.   Where does this picture take place?

12.   What time of day is it in the picture?

13.   Why do you think ____________is doing_________________?

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