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Scripture Lady’s Bible Lessons for Kids: Sail on Sailor – Learning About Bible Boat Stories


The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible lessons for kids! Here is one called “Sail on Sailor” to help learn about Bible boat stories.

There is something thrilling about being on a boat.  Whether in a little canoe out on a quiet lake or on a sailboat out in the middle of the ocean, boating is a beautiful way to enjoy God’s creation.

The Bible has some interesting ship stories.  Here is a list of 9 Bible passages about boats.  You will use them for the following Scripture game:  Genesis 7:1, Exodus 2:3, Jonah 1:3, Luke 5:3, Matthew 13:2, Matthew 8:24, John 6:21, Acts 27:41 and Matthew 4:21-22.

Bible lessons for kids will help your children hide God’s Word in their hearts and for this one you will need to do the following:

For this idea, I suggest you obtain a kiddie pool filled with water.  Next, if you can, purchase 12 toy plastic boats (your local dollar store will probably have some) and with a permanent marker, number each one with a number from 1 to 12 and set them afloat in the pool.  Now, you will need to create 2 charts – one for your eyes only and the other for all the children to see.  The first chart should be written out as follows:

1.   Genesis 7:1

2.   Exodus 2:3

3.   Ship Sunk!

4.   Jonah 1:3

5.   Ship Sunk!

6.   Luke 5:3

7.   Matthew 13:2

8.   Matthew 8:24

9.   John 6:21

10.  Acts 27:41

11.  Ship Sunk!

12.  Matthew 4:21-22

The second chart that the children can see, should contain these 9 different captions:

Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Basket Boat, Jonah’s Ship, James’ and John’s Boat, Peter’s Boat, Parable of the Sower was Told, Jesus calmed the Sea, Jesus Came Here after Walking on Water, and Paul’s Shipwreck.  I actually wrote my on pictures of boats I found on my computer.

To play the game, divide your children into 2 teams.  Have a child from the first team “fish’ a boat out of the pool.  He will look at the number on the boat and tell it to you.  You will look on the first chart and see whether the child will read a verse or whether his ship has sunk.  If his ship sunk, the play goes to the next team.  If he is to read a verse, he does so from a Bible and then tries to pick the caption that matches the passage he just read.  If successful, he gets 50 points for his team.  The team with the most points wins!  Happy sailing!

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