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Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Welcome to Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Object Lessons for Kids

A Bible Object lesson typically utilizes common everyday objects paired with a biblical message. For example, a favorite Bible object lesson uses a decorated birthday cake to share truth about a person’s life from God’s perspective. Here are a couple of points to ponder:

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1.   Most birthday cakes have a number of candles on top to let everyone know the age of the birthday person.   Lesson Learned: Birthday candles should remind us of how important and precious life really is.  Some people have many years that they will live and some have shorter lives.  But no matter how long or short our life here is on earth, we need to live our life for God.

2.   A birthday candle isn’t much good unless it gets lit. Lesson Learned: The Bible says that Christians should be the light of the world.  Each year that we live should be filled with the desire to do good things and be good so that people can see Jesus in us, the brightest light of all.

Why are Bible object lessons for kids so effective? I think the answer lies in the everyday object. Kids are familiar with the things around them. If you can extract biblical meaning from those objects and relate it to their life then you are going to pique their curiosity and keep their attention. The Bible can be very daunting to a child, not to mention to adults. In some ways, a Christian educator has a more difficult job than a pastor of adults. A children’s minister must take a truth from the Bible written at an adult level and bring it down to a child’s level of understanding. This is not always easy and I, for one, am thankful that their are many resources to help the Christian teacher in their ministry.

Here you will find many Bible object lessons for your elementary children. I hope and pray that they will be effective too!

“To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood be all the glory and the power forever. Amen!”

Revelation 1:5-6

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