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Two Bible Memory Verse Games: A Workshop Video from The Scripture Lady

Share these two Bible memory verse games with your kids in a workshop video from The Scripture Lady. “Pop ‘Em” and “You Gotta Listen” will bring giggles to learning the Bible.

These two Bible memory verse games called “Pop ‘Em” and “You Gotta Listen” are two of my favorites. You can learn them, too, just by signing up to receive my FREE online video workshops.

This new workshop will be my second addition to my line up of video workshops and is best suited for ages 1st thru 5th grade. Your children should be able to read the words of the Bible verses they are learning.

To get access to the directions on how to play these two Bible memory verse games, just click on the green button below and you will good to go!

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Each online video workshop will:

    • teach a creative way to share the Bible, either to the young child or elementary child.
    • be labeled as to what age group the idea is geared to.
    • give a “Take-Away.” This will be a FREE resource to help you implement the idea that is being taught.
    • promote a product within my online shop at This promotion will always offer a great deal if you should decide to purchase the product. No purchase of any product will ever be required.

The “Take-Away” for this workshop will give you the printable pages of all the words to 17 Bible verses that I showcase on my downloadable ‘Fruit of the Spirit” CD.  You don’t want to miss out on this “Take-Away!” It’s a good one!

Take a look at a sample video that shows a tidbit of yours truly playing the “Pop ‘Em” game:

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