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A Father’s Day Bible Activity for Young Children

This Father’s Day Bible activity for young children will be a great addition to your celebration of father’s. It’s called “Put a Tie on Dad!” and will leave them running and laughing with joy!

This Father’s Day Bible activity for young children is one that I have included in my Bible Time Program called, “Dads in the Bible.” It’s a sweet activity that I included while singing my song all about 6 different dads in the Bible.

Hopefully, your young children are blessed to have a dad who is loving and playful. No dad is perfect. But it is God’s desire that every dad follow His ways so that their children will rise up one day and tell their dad’s that they were blessed to have them in their lives.

Today, I want to tell you how to play “Put a Tie on Dad” along with giving you the 6 short songs about 6 dads in the Bible. I will also provide you with the cute graphic you might want to print off and made for your own activity.

Take a look at this video to see how to play this Father’s Day Bible activity for young children:

Click HERE to download this video.

As mentioned in the video, you can play this game with any song about fathers, but you may want to try playing it with my own song called, “Dads in the Bible.”

Below are 6 links that give you the downloadable links to the 6 parts of the song.

Left Click on each song to play. Right Click on each song to save it to your computer.

Song for Adam

Song for Noah

Song for Abraham

Song for Isaac

Song for Jacob

Song for David

Finally, below you will find the pictures that you can print off to create the “Dad” that I made seed in the video. After printing off each picture, puzzle the pieces together to create the dad on a large piece of board. Then cut out the head area over which the ties will go.

Full Picture of Dad

Picture of Dad Piece 1

Picture of Dad Piece 2

Picture of Dad Piece 3

Picture of Dad Piece 4

Picture of Dad Piece 5

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