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The Story of the Little Hill Video and Printables

The Story of the Little Hill video will delight your young children. They will have fun hearing the Easter story from the perspective of the hill that Jesus gave His life upon.

The Story of the Little Hill video has been a video I have wanted to share for a long time. As Easter is now just around the corner, I pray that many of you will show this video to your young children to help them learn the true meaning of Easter – the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Telling the Easter story to young children can be a bit daunting with all its emotional ups and downs. But the “Story of the Little Hill” appropriately illustrates and tells the story at a level that your little ones will enjoy.

Below, you will find the full video of the story along with directions on how to download it to your own device if you would like.

You will also have access to the instructional video.

I am also providing you the printable pictures that I used in the video in case you would like to learn the story and share it on your own. You could also use the simple pictures to encourage your children to draw their own version of the Easter story. These printable pictures can be found down below.

I am also giving you the written script for the story.

Here is the Story of the Little Hill video (Presentation):

Click HERE to download video.

Here is the Story of the Little Hill video (Instructional):

Click HERE to download video.

How to Download the Video: Below the video will be a link that you will click on. This will upload the video to your computer. You will then be able to play it from your computer or transfer it wherever you want it to go.

PDF Links for Complete Instructions:

The Little Hill Story Part One

The Little Hill Story Part Two

The Little Hill Story Part Three

The Little Hill Story Part Four

The Little Hill by Kathy Vincent

Once there was a little hill

And on the hill there grew green grass

And under the green grass, a flower began to grow

And on the flower grew 3 red petals

The little hill was happy


One day a worker walked upon the little hill

And on the hill he dug 3 deep holes

And in each deep hole went a tall log

And on each tall log a cross was made with another log

The little hill was confused

The next day was Friday and a large crowd gathered around

And on each cross a man was hung

There was a man in the middle…His name was Jesus.

And on each side of Jesus there was another man

The little hill was sad


The man in the middle was very sad too

But other people on the little hill were very mad at Him

And made fun of Him

And they laughed at Him

And then darkness came

The little hill was scared


And then the man in the middle died

The little flower on the hill died too

Even the grass on the little hill died

And then the little hill shook and shook

The little hill cried

The man in the middle was taken down from His cross and buried in a cave

Friday was done

Saturday came and went

But on Sunday morning something wonderful happened!

The little hill was excited!


An angel appears and says that Jesus is ALIVE!

The friends of Jesus are very happy

They go to tell their other friends

Then Jesus appears and shows that He is not dead, but ALIVE!

The little hill is filled with joy!


The little hill thought about Jesus

And soon new green grass began to grow

And soon many flowers with red petals grew

And soon new life was all around

The little hill felt loved.

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