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The Happy Pumpkin: A Christian Poem for Preschoolers Using Barry Mitchell’s “Smile Maker” Trick

Sharing this Christian poem for preschoolers about a happy pumpkin will delight your children during this holiday season!

Coming up with a great Christian poem for preschoolers is one of my favorite things to do. If I can add my literary creation to a fun magic trick, then I have a winning combination! I LOVE sharing Gospel magic tricks with children of all ages and today’s Christian poem for preschoolers uses a very easy trick that comes from I had the honor of meeting Barry at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA this past year. He was fabulous! I loved all the tricks he showed and have been adding them to my own collection little by little.

The trick shown in the video uses a trick that Barry calls his “Smile Maker.” It’s simple, fun and mistake proof. Any novice magician can master it in under a minute.

During the “Halloween” season, Barry sells a “Pumpkin” version of the “Smile Maker.”

My version of this trick does require some extra preparation. I took fabric puffy paint and “drew” a face on each of the 8 small pumpkins to represent the expressions found below in the Christian poem for preschoolers. It worked really well, but go slow when squeezing out the paint and let it dry overnight. The last thing I needed for my trick was an empty plastic pumpkin that I bought at my local dollar store. Then, “Voila,” I had a great trick ready to go!

The Happy Pumpkin by Kathy Vincent

Once there was a pumpkin growing in the patch

She knew God had made her for He made all the plants

One day she was picked off the vine. She wondered where she’d go.

Would she end up in pumpkin pie or in somebody’s home?

She really hoped someone would carve a face that matched her joy.

Could she end up a Jack-o-lantern for a girl or boy?

She pondered and she thought of different faces. Then she sighed.

Then got sleepy and crawled inside an empty pumpkin that was nearby.

She twirled around and swirled around and began to dream of faces.

Of eyes and noses and of mouths all in different places.

She thought of a face with a very sad frown.

She didn’t want a frown. That would make those who saw her feel down.

She dreamed of a face that was very mad.

That was not the face for her for today. She felt glad.

She saw a face that looked confused like a person without God.

She knew that wasn’t the face for her for she loved God more than all.

She saw a mouth that seemed scared and eyes that showed some fright.

She didn’t want that face. She wanted a face that showed God’s light.

She thought of a face that seemed real shy with little quiet pumpkin eyes.

Sometimes she felt shy, but not today. She couldn’t tell a lie.

She dreamed of a sleeping pumpkin. Was that a snore she heard?

She didn’t want a tired face. She thought, “Oh my word!”

She dreamed of a face with its mouth closed tight.

That wasn’t the face for her. She wanted a big ole smile, just right.

She saw a face filled with worry and with stress.

She wanted a face that showed she trusted in Jesus who is the very best.

Finally, her nap was done. She remembered what she had dreamed.

She crawled out of the empty pumpkin and on her face a smile beamed.

She was a happy pumpkin. God heard her pumpkin heart.

Now she would shine for Jesus to the end of October and from its start.

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2 thoughts on “The Happy Pumpkin: A Christian Poem for Preschoolers Using Barry Mitchell’s “Smile Maker” Trick”

  • Hi Cathy,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    I always love to hear how people are using my music.
    Sorry to hear about the balls being sold out.
    Maybe you can take an empty pumpkin like I have
    and “hide” a happy face down in the bottom of the pumpkin.
    If you kind of tape it down to the bottom you could still hold
    it upside down to make the kids think there is nothing inside.
    Then, for the 8 pumpkins, you could just have them sitting
    off to the side and choose each one as you read the poem
    or better yet, have a child come forward and choose the face
    you just spoke about.
    Then at the very end, you can reveal the hidden pumpkin.
    I think it could work and the kids would love it.

    Thank you, Cathy, for your support! I really appreciate it!

    Blessings to you and your ministry to children!

  • I just watched your pumpkin video and it would be perfect for my next children’s church. You are amazing. I tried to order the pumpkin smiles(the orange balls from Barry Mitchell Products but he is out. I am so disappointed. Any suggestions???

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