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God Calls Abram to Leave His Home: A Preschool Bible Storytelling Idea

The Bible story of when God calls Abram to leave his home is one that will delight your preschoolers. Change happens to all of us, even preschoolers. Use this Bible story to help them learn that God will always be with them wherever He calls them to go.

Do your preschoolers know the story of when God calls Abram to leave his home? It’s a great one! And here is a fun Bible storytelling idea that I call “Out of the Bible” to help creatively teach this wonderful story.

“Out of the Bible” uses great pictures along with a large “family” type Bible. If you don’t have one of these big Bibles, you might consider buying one from a thrift store. I love my big Bible because it really helps keep the attention of the children. It also shows to them how big and important the Bible is.

Today, I am giving you simple pictures that you will tuck into the pages of your Bible to help tell the story of when God calls Abram to leave his home. Each picture will have a colorful ribbon hanging down from the bottom attached by a stapler of some glue. As you read through the Bible story, you will have a child come up and find the color of ribbon you ask him to find. You will open up your Bible to the page that is holding the picture and then show it to the boys and girls.

Place each picture on a pocket chart or nearby table where all the pictures can be seen.

After telling the story once through, you will now tell the story again. But this time as you tell it, you will have a child come forward and find the picture that is on the table or pocket chart to go with the story.

Here is a retelling of the Bible story of when God calls Abram to leave his home from Genesis 12:1-6:

The Lord said to a man named Abram (Abram Praying picture with a blue ribbon), “Go from your country (Country picture with a brown ribbon), your people and your father’s house (House picture with an orange ribbon) to the land I will show you.

The Lord said,  “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless (Heart picture with a pink ribbon) you.”

Abram obeyed (Abram picture with a white ribbon) God and left his home. He traveled with his wife named Sarai and his nephew named Lot. (Sarai and Lot picture with a purple ribbon)

They took all the many things that belonged to them such as animals and servants (People and servants picture with a black ribbon) and they traveled to a piece of land called Canaan. (Canaan picture with a yellow ribbon)

In the land of Canaan was a great tree (Tree picture with a baby blue ribbon) where the Lord showed Himself to Abram.

The Lord told Abram that this land would be given to all the children (Children picture with a gray ribbon )that he would have some day.

Abram loved God and he built a stack of rocks (Altar picture with a light green ribbon)called an altar to show his love.

Pictures for the Bible story of when God calls Abram to leave his home:

(The Bible story pictures for the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead come from a great resource which I purchased several years ago. They come from a 2-DVD collection called “The Ultimate Bible Picture Collection.” All of these pictures are found in the public domain.)

Click on a link below to be taken to a printable picture:

Abram Hearing from the Lord


Father’s Home



Sarai and Lot

Animals and servants





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