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Food for the Spirit: An Object Lesson About Reading the Bible

Try this object lesson about reading the Bible with your elementary kids when you want them to understand the importance of having a daily diet of God’s Word. This is a fun and engaging way to teach your kids that just like their physical bodies need food, their spirits need to be nourished also.

I love object lessons and I love the Bible, so coming up with an object lesson about reading the Bible was very fun. I recently added this object lesson to my newest elementary program called, “Let’s READ the Bible!” It uses the acrostic of the word READ to help kids learn 4 important benefits of growing in God’s Word.

R stands for Remember and Memorize

E stands for Each and Every Day and Eternal

A stands for Ask God to Speak to You

D stands for Declare it to ALL

Check out this Presentation / How To Video of “Food for the Spirit: An Object Lesson About Reading the Bible”

Presentation of “Food for the Spirit”: An Object Lesson About Reading the Bible

How many times do you normally eat in a day? (Wait for responses.)

Yes, most of us eat about 3 times per day. Food gives us the physical strength that we need.

I love food and I live to eat!

Let’s see if you can guess which food items I will pull out of my bucket.

This food is sometimes called a pie, but instead of being topped with apples or cherries, this is topped with cheese and pepperoni. (Pizza)

I like to get this food when I am in New York City from one of the food vendors on the street. It has a long piece of meat between 2 buns and I put mustard on it. (Hotdog)

This food is red and green and has little seeds I have to spit out. (Watermelon)

This food is a sweet treat with a hole in the middle. (Donut)

This food has a piece of meat between 2 buns along with lettuce, tomato, cheese, catsup and onions. (Hamburger)

This food goes really well with hamburgers and I dip them in catsup. (French Fries)

This food is often found in kids’ lunch boxes. One day it might have ham on it, the next day might be salami. (Sandwich)

This food is my favorite treat. I always want to bite into lots of chips with every bite. (Chocolate Chip Cookie)

Yep, I am hungry for food about 3 times a day, but I am also hungry to hear the words of God from the Bible.

Did you know that taking time to read the Bible gives you the spiritual strength you need?

We are not just flesh and bones, my friends. God has also created us with spirits. Our spirits need to be nourished by reading the Bible.

There’s a great verse in Jeremiah 15:16 that says, “When your words came, I ate them. They were my joy and heart’s delight.”

Wow! I have to admit, I love a good steak or lobster, but do they really bring me great joy and fill my heart with delight? Not like the Bible. The Bible can fill up your very soul with all of God’s tasty and delectable truth.

Hamburgers and pizza get eaten up in about 5 minutes, but God’s Word lasts forever. That’s the best kind of food ever.

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