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Scripture Lady’s Retelling of Great Bible Stories for Children

Scripture Lady’s Retelling of Great Bible Stories for Children

Retelling the great Bible stories for children is a creative way to share God’s wonderful Word in a way that reaches our kids.

What is your favorite Bible story? Is it wonderful Noah and all those great animals? Is it Joseph and all his many trials and triumphs? Perhaps you love the book of Acts and all the amazing miracles that took place in the first church. Or maybe the story of Jesus’ birth is still your favorite from when you were a child. Whichever story you pick, it is one of many great Bible stories because it comes from God’s great Word.

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I love sharing all the great Bible stories with children. I especially love it when they begin to show that they remember the most important parts. It’s always a joy to see the “light bulb” go on inside their minds. Their questions are a delight as well. And how humbling it is when we don’t always know the answer. God’s Word is indeed a mystery at times, but this truth should never keep us from sharing the Bible.

But why do we need “retellings” of the great Bible stories? Can’t a story be told to children straight from the Bible? Of course, the answer is yes, however, retellings can be helpful too. Children have large imaginations and they love to hear a good story. As a child, I loved stories that were filled with lots of extra detail so that I could “see” the story better in my mind. This is what a retelling offers – more details and a presentation that may keep your children’s interest a bit longer than reading it straight from the Bible. A retelling is not to take the place of a Scripture. It is supposed to aide in a greater understanding.

For example, when telling the Bible story of creation, I don’t think it is at all harmful to expound on all the beauty God created by mentioning in detail the kinds of plants and animals God made. Or when telling about Daniel in the lions’ den, it will add a little excitement to add the lions pacing back and forth for their next meal. These extra details just might mean extra attention and that can end up being extra good.


“…for the joy of the LORD is your/(my) strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10

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