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Flip and Find the Christmas Stable: A Christmas Bible Game for Young Children

“Flip and Find the Christmas Stable” is a fun and creative way to teach your young children that Jesus was born in a stable. It uses a Bible story telling technique that uses great visuals and the element of surprise.

It’s almost Christmas and I just created “Flip and Find the Christmas Stable” to share in my newest program for young children called, “O Bethlehem, O Bethlehem!” This fun Christmas Bible game will lead your children down the road of imagination to the day when Baby Jesus was born in a stable.

The Bible is not clear about whether or not there were actual animals in the stable where Jesus was born. But I think it’s safe to assume so. My imagination wanders to what kinds of animals might have been there to witness the birth of our Lord and Savior. Did they “moo” or “cluck” or “baah” when they saw the Babe?

“The Christmas Stable” poem introduces the idea of six animals in the stable with Jesus and His parents. It showcases a chicken, cow, dove, donkey, goat and sheep. Share this poem with your young children along with some great visuals and you will have a fun Christmas Bible game for your home or classroom.

Take a look at a sample presentation of “Flip and Find the Christmas Stable”

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“The Christmas Stable” Poem by Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady

Who was in the stable

When Jesus our Lord was born

Maybe many animals

On that Christmas morn

The chicken made a clucking sound

Scratching the earth for some seed

While Joseph looked upon dear Jesus

Ready to care for all His needs

Perhaps there was a cow

Giving a low and quiet moo

As Mary placed the babe in his manger

Wrapped in a blanket of blue

“Coo, coo, coo,” said the dove on high

Perched in the rafters above

Perhaps she was singing a special song

To the Babe who came from above

Very strangely, the donkey was quiet

He’d usually give a loud bray

But I think he wanted to hear every word

That Mary would whisper and say

O there’s a goat with a furry chin

Hopping on top of the hay

Watching Mary nod her head

And bow her head to pray

Is that a sheep who bleats a bah

In his wooley coat of white

With curious eyes it looks at the babe

On this silent Christmas night

The Bible is not clear

That animals surrounded our Lord

But we know it was to a stable God came

To give us peace and make us restored

How to Prepare and Play: “Flip and Find the Christmas Stable”

Gather 6 pictures that showcase each of the animals in the poem.

Find a large picture that showcases the stable where Jesus was born. Separate the big picture into 6 parts and attach each section to the back of an animal picture.

As you can see in the video, I have placed all 6 cards on a pocket chart. You can find pocket charts from Oriental Trading Company at this link:

Read through the poem. After each animal, allow a child to come forward to your chart and find the matching animal picture. Encourage them to flip the picture around to reveal a part of the big surprise picture. Continue with this kind of play until all 6 animals have been flipped around and the surprise picture is completely revealed.


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