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A Christmas Bible Activity for Children Called “O Holy Night”

This Christmas Bible activity for children called “O Holy Night” will be a great addition to your Christmas preparations for your children’s church. Your kids will hear the gospel message proclaimed by 6 different twinkling stars of colorful hues.

I created this Christmas Bible activity for children called “O Holy Night” a couple of years ago for one of my preschool Christmas chapels. I wanted to creatively share the true message of Christmas based on one of my favorite Christmas carols “O Holy Night.” I wrote a poem about the colorful stars that may have shined up in Heaven on the night Jesus was born. Each of the colors coincides with the five “Wordless Book” colors of gold, dark, red, clean and green. But I added one more color, the color of purple, which reminds us of Jesus’ royalty.

For this activity, I use my “Bible Story Boxes.” These were created for me a few years ago by a good friend. As you can see in the presentation, they each turn around and showcase the different visuals. If creating your own revolving boxes seems a little daunting, you can easily adapt this Christmas Bible activity for children called “O Holy Night” onto normal packing boxes. The main point is that you want to creatively showcase your visuals so that your children are drawn into this activity.

Take a look at a sample of my presentation of this Christmas Bible activity for children called “O Holy Night”:

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Here is the poem to “O Holy Night”

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining

They proclaimed our Savior’s birth that first Christmas morning

The stars all twinkled with colorful hues telling God’s story to me and you

Let’s hear with wonder what each color means

As each point of their light glows and beams

The first star over Bethlehem town

Was a beautiful gold like that of a crown

This star reminds us of Heaven so fair

Where forever with God we can live there

Who can find the gold star?

This next star was a purple quite rare

It speaks of God’s royalty and of His care

To love us enough to send us His Son

Who is King of all kings; God’s chosen One

Who can find the purple star?

This next star, sadly, had no light to shine

It reminds us of sin filling your hearts and mine

But God had a plan to get rid of our sin

He sent His Son Jesus to cleanse us within

Who can find the dark star?


This star shines brightly like Christmas red

It tells of the blood that Jesus shed

For baby Jesus would grow to a man

And give His life on the cross. This was God’s plan.

Who can find the red star?


Look at the white of this bright star

The light of this star can be seen from far

It shouts of how Jesus forgives all our sin

And makes our hearts white as snow deep within

Who can find the white star?


Here is our last star dressed in green

Much like a beautiful Christmas tree

It reminds us that we can forever grow

In God’s grace and His love when Him we know

Who can find the green star?


Now let’s light all the stars from the gold to the green

And let us always remember what each color means

By Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady


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