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Bible Story Sorting Game: Vacation Bible School Ideas for Preschoolers


Vacation Bible School ideas are great for your little ones! Here is one called “Bible Story Sorting Game.”

Your preschoolers are starting to become familiar with different stories in the Bible and the people, places and things that are a part of each of them.  For example, your little ones are probably very aware that the story of “Noah’s Ark” is made up of Noah and his family, some animals, rain and a big boat called and ark.  The story of Esther includes her uncle Mordecai and a king and some of Esther’s things such as a crown, a pretty dress and shoes, and maybe even some lipstick!  Understanding the objects that are in a story help our little ones take the first steps to becoming good readers and eventually lovers of the Bible.

Preschoolers also like to sort and match things.  So here is a fun Vacation Bible School activity that you can do with any Bible story – especially the Bible stories you are sharing in your VBS.  It just takes a little preparation, but will be worth the time and effort.  To help you get started, I will provide pictures of the people, places and things found in the story of Moses and the burning bush and the story of when Peter helped a lame man walk.  Just follow the rest of the directions below and have fun!

Vacation Bible School ideas for preschoolers will make your VBS even more special and for this one you will need to do the following:

  Pick a Bible story you would like to share with your children and choose 3 to 4 people, places or things found in the story that hold some kind of importance.  Make 5 copies of each picture.  Laminate these pictures for long-term use.  Next, gather 3 to 5 bags or buckets.  Place one picture of each of the story items on a different bag or bucket.  Place the rest of the pictures in the leftover bag.  Display the sorting bags so that the children can easily see them.  After telling the story to your children, you are now ready to play your Bible story sorting game.

Ask a child to come and pick out a picture from the bag.  Have him say what the picture is and ask him if that picture was in the Bible story he just heard.  Let him respond, then ask him to put the picture into the correct bag.  Praise him for a job well done and go onto another child.  Play the game until all the pictures have been correctly sorted.

I have started things off for you by providing you with 2 Bible stories worth of pictures:

Pictures for the story of Moses

Pictures for the story of Peter

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