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Where is Teacher’s…Nose?: Vacation Bible School Ideas for Preschoolers


Vacation Bible School ideas for preschoolers are great for your little ones! Here is one called “Where is Teacher’s…Nose?”

Head and shoulders, knees and toes!  Do you have all of those?  You probably do, but do your preschoolers know you have them just like they do?

Here’s a fun little Vacation Bible School activity that might bring some giggles to your little ones and it will be a reminder of all the wonderful body parts God has given to each one of us.

Vacation Bible School ideas for preschoolers will make your VBS even more special and for this one you will need to do the following:

Below, you will find links to some pictures of different body parts such as the eyes, ears, elbows and nose.  Print these cards off and laminate them for long-term use.  Place them in a bag or a bucket.  Have a child come forward and pick out one of the cards and say, “God made my (nose)!  Where’s your nose, (Joshua)?  (Encourage Joshua to point to his nose.)  Now, where’s my nose?  (Encourage the child to come and point to your nose.)”  Continue this process until all of the cards have been used and every child has had a turn.

Suggestion:  If you are up for it, this game is funnest if you let the children attach the cards to your different body parts with tape.  Masking tape works well and at the end of the game, the children will be laughing from their belly buttons!

Pictures of Body Parts Page One

Pictures of Body Parts Page Two

Pictures of Body Parts Page Three

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