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Where Does Esther Go?: Vacation Bible School Ideas for Preschoolers

Vacation Bible School ideas for preschoolers are great for your little ones! Here is one called “Where Does Esther Go?”

If Esther needs to find her crown, where does she go?  Or if Martha needs her apron, where does she go?  Well, Esther would probably find her crown in her bedroom closet and Martha will probably find her apron in the kitchen.

Vacation Bible School ideas for preschoolers will make your VBS even more special and for this one you will need to do the following:

Preschoolers are learning so many new things. And places people go to are on this list as well.  And even though Martha didn’t have a modern kitchen like we do today, she had someplace similar where she prepared her food.  So here are some riddles to get your kids thinking about the different needs some Bible people had and where they went to meet that need. Here is a list to get you started:

Adam and Eve want a piece of yummy fruit.  Where do they go?  (To a fruit tree.)

Noah needs some more wood for his ark.  Where does he go?  (To cut down some more trees or go to his wood pile.)

Noah needs a hammer.  Where does he go?  (To his toolbox.)

Abraham needs some thread to fix a hole in his tent.  Where does he go?  (To his sewing kit or he asks Sarah for help.)

Sarah needs to bake some bread for some special visitors.  Where does she go?  (To the kitchen.)

Isaac’s camels need some water.  Where does he go?  (To the well or to the lake.)

Jacob needed to make some stew for his brother Esau.  Where does he go?  (To the kitchen.)

Jacob needs more fabric to make Joseph’s coat.  Where does he go?  (To the sheep to make more wool.)

Joseph needs to sleep so he can dream some dreams.  Where does he go?  (To bed.)

Moses’ mommy needs a basket to keep Moses safe.  Where does she go?  (To gather straw to make a basket or to the basket store.)

You can easily play this Vacation Bible School activity while standing in line for the next event or with a small group while others are finishing up a task.  My answers are just guidelines.  I wouldn’t be too strict with correcting their answers.  This game is just to help them think of how to take care of different needs we have.  Can you think of other riddles?

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