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Bible Object Lessons with a Broom and a Birthday Cake

These Bible object lessons with a broom and a birthday cake will help the Bible’s truths come to life through these ordinary objects.

Sharing Bible object lessons with a broom and a birthday cake can get your kids pondering about God and His goodness. When paired with the Bible, a broom is not just a household tool and a birthday cake is not just the crowning dessert on the table.

These 2 objects have a lot to teach us about God and His great love for us. So…what are the lessons we can learn from the broom and a birthday cake? Keep reading and you will find out.

*Here are 5 lessons you can share with your kids about the common broom that will teach them a little bit more about God with this Bible object lesson. I suggest you grab a broom to show your kids while sharing.

1. A broom is made up of many parts. It would be silly to try and sweep a room up with just one bristle. But because a broom is made up of many bristles, it becomes an effective tool for sweeping up dirt. Lesson Learned: There are many different kinds of people in this world. One person cannot get rid of all the “dirt” or injustice in the world. But if we all work together and cooperate, we can impact the world for Jesus more than if we do it all by ourselves.

2. A broom comes from God. The bristles are made from a kind of straw, the handle is made of wood and the wire that holds all the bristles together comes from iron. Lesson Learned: All men were created by God and all the many different things we use, come from God as well.

3. A broom has a handle that must be strong and dependable. All the bristles are attached and tied to it. Lesson Learned: The handle of a broom should remind us of our leaders. They must be strong to lead us and be good examples of how we must all work together to achieve good things for the Lord.

4. A broom can’t sweep by itself. Someone more powerful than the broom must pick it up and use it. Lesson Learned: The Bible says that man can do nothing good on his own. They must rely on God who is all-powerful and all knowing and who will guide us into all truth.

5. A broom has a wire or piece of cord that binds all the bristles together. Lesson Learned: God binds all of His children together with love. The Bible says that people will know we are Christians by our love.

And you thought brooms were only good for cleaning up your messes!

I really like the fifth lesson about a broom. It reminds me of Hebrews 10:24, which says this: Let us consider how to spur one another on toward and good deeds.

God wants us to encourage one another to show our love to a world that is in need of the love of Jesus.

Several years ago, I wrote a Bible verse song for this scripture that I call “Consider Love.” In this article I am giving you the free mp3 download of this song. Here is the free downloadable song of “Consider Love.” Just click HERE for the song.

As a reminder, this article is teaching us two Bible object lessons with a broom and a birthday cake. We’ve learned about the broom. Now let’s bite into the birthday cake.

*“Happy Birthday!  Blow out your candles and make a wish!”  Most of us have heard this well wish at one time or another, but have you ever taken the time to think what a birthday cake can teach us about God?

I suggest you prepare a cake that needs to be iced and then use it as your prop during this tasty object lesson.

1.   Most birthday cakes have a number of candles on top to let everyone know the age of the birthday person.   Lesson Learned: Birthday candles should remind us of how important and precious life really is.  Some people have many years that they will live and some have shorter lives.  But no matter how long or short our life here is on earth, we need to live our life for God.

2.   A birthday candle isn’t much good unless it gets lit. Lesson Learned: The Bible says that Christians should be the light of the world.  Each year that we live should be filled with the desire to do good things and be good so that people can see Jesus in us, the brightest light of all.

3.   Next comes the icing, yummy and sweet!  Lesson Learned: Our lives are filled with so many sweet and wonderful things and events.  Even when life gets hard, we can still find people, places and things that we can be extremely thankful for.

4.   But what is my birthday cake like without any lit candles?  It’s dull and lifeless and doesn’t represent the birthday joy that should be there.  Lesson Learned: Our lives can become dull and lifeless as well if we don’t let the love of Jesus shine through us.

5.   And what happens to the icing when I cut into the cake.  It splits and becomes broken.  Lesson Learned: Life sometimes feels like it’s broken, too.  All of us experience times of sadness, frustration and brokenness.  It can be very hard to see the sweetness of life at times.

6.   The actual cake of the birthday cake is what really counts!  Have you ever had a piece of birthday cake that you didn’t like?  It looked so great on the outside – candles, icing, the works – but when you bite into it, it tasted awful.  Lesson Learned: Our lives can look really great on the outside, but if someone were to really look deep into our hearts, they might not like what they see.  The Bible says that God looks at our hearts.  He wants His children to live lives that are pleasing to Him so that others might come to know Him and so that our own lives will be filled with joy!

A birthday cake definitely makes us ponder about our lives and how many years the good Lord will give us. I am reminded of Psalm 63:4, which says: I will praise you as long as I live and in your name I will lift up my hands.

I have another Bible verse song for this scripture that I call “As Long as I Live.” I am giving the song to you for free in this article. Here is the free downloadable song of “As Long as I Live.” Just click HERE for the song.


*The Bible object lessons with a broom and a birthday cake are adapted from an old photo copied book I found many years ago. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the book or its author. The title possibly has the words “Object Talks” or “Chalk Talks” within it. I believe it is from the 1950’s or 60’s, if not older. If anyone learns more information about this book, please let me know.

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