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Fishing for Faithful Bible Friends – A Preschool Bible Game

Fishing for Faithful Bible Friends is a fun Bible game that you can add to any Bible Time to help your preschoolers learn more of the the great stories in God’s Word.

“Fishing for Faithful Bible Friends” is a spin off of the fun carnival game you might have played when you were little.

At the carnival, you might have walked up to a sheet hanging from a rod and then given a fishing pole. You would have “cast” your fishing line over the sheet and low and behold, when you reeled your line in, a surprise was on the end of the “hook!”

During this Bible game, your little ones will be “hooking” fun pictures of objects from famous Bible stories. They will then be asked to match the object they “caught” with the famous person in the story.

All the visuals for this sweet game can be accessed for free by clicking on the links below.

In addition to giving you this fun preschool Bible game, I am giving you free access to my fun Bible theme song “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals?” I wrote this song as the theme song for my “Animals” program for preschool chapels.

Here is the free downloadable song of “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals?” Just click HERE for the song.




How to Play Fishing for Faithful Bible Friends

You will need the following props:

1 Fishing Pole – I found mine at Wal Mart in the sport’s department. They had a cute kids’ size on sale. I then attached some yarn to the pole and added a clothespin to the end of the yarn for the “hook.”

1 Pond Scene/Banner – Here is a picture of the one I created:


You could create one as elaborate as this or you could simply hang a sheet over a rod.

1 Pocket Chart (Optional) – I place all my Bible people pictures on a pocket chart that sits on an easel. This way the pictures are up high for all to see. If you would like a pocket chart, click HERE for a link on Amazon to purchase one. The following is a picture of my pocket chart:

12 Bible Pictures (found below) – You will need to print off all 12 pictures below. Six of them will be the Bible people and six will be the Bible objects. I suggest you print them on to card stock or a heavy paper.

How to Play:

Place the 6 Bible people pictures on your pocket chart or a table.

Place the 6 Bible object pictures behind your “pond.” I place a table behind the “pond” and set the pictures there. You don’t want the children to be able to see them.

Tell the children that you want them to go fishing for some Bible friends. Point out each friend on the pocket chart. Tell them that each Bible friend has lost an important object from their story in the pond. They want to know if you can help them find the object they have lost.

You can say the following:

Noah has lost his ark.

David has lost his sling shot.

Moses has lost his 10 Commandments.

Jonah has lost his whale.

Daniel has lost his lions.

Jesus has lost his cross.

Now let a child come up and hold the fishing pole. Show him how to “cast” the line into the “pond.” Watch out that no one gets hit! Once the “hook” is in the pond, you will attach one of the objects to the clothespin. Encourage the child to “reel” in what was caught. I like to make a funny little noise as they do this.

Now have the child take the object that they caught and match it to the Bible person on your pocket chart. Play again in the same way with a different child.

Here is a sample video from a live performance:

Printable Pictures

Fishing for Friends – Noah

Fishing for Friends – Noah’s Ark

Fishing for Friends – David

Fishing for Friends – David’s Sling

Fishing for Friends – Moses

Fishing for Friends – Moses’ 10 Commandments

Fishing for Friends – Jonah

Fishing for Friends – Jonah’s Whale

Fishing for Friends – Daniel

Fishing for Friends – Daniel’s Lions

Fishing for Friends – Jesus

Fishing for Friends – Cross of Jesus

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