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Bible Character Bingo for Elementary Kids by The Scripture Lady

Play Bible Character Bingo for Elementary Kids to help them learn about some famous people in the Bible and in which book of the Bible they are found.

Bible Character Bingo is a fun and simple game you can play with your elementary kids to help them become more familiar with some of the main characters in the Bible. It’s a great game to help your children grow in their literacy of the Bible.

In this article, I am giving you the directions to the game along with the downloadable printables for free.

Here is a fun song that you might want to add to this game. It’s a singing game called “Won’t You Tell Me Now.” It showcases 11 important people in the Bible by giving clues about each person.

Take a look at this sample video of the song:

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Directions for Bible Character Bingo

What to Prepare:

For this game, you will need to print off the 2 pages of letters I have provided below. There are a total of 9 letters. You will also need to print off 2 pages of the “Backs.” You want to attach a “Back” to each letter. Now, put all the letters into a bucket or hat, from which you will have a child pick.

Next, print off as many Bingo playing mats as you need for the number of kids you have. I have provided you with 10 different mats. So, if you have more than 10 kids, you may have duplicates. That’s OK. It just means their might be duplicate winners.

For you the teacher, print off the “Bible List of  Names.” This list gives the names of 9 characters in the Bible along with 2 choices of Bible books where they are mainly found. The answer key is at the bottom of the page.

Finally, you will want to provide each child with a “marker” to cover up the letters with as the game is played. You could use M&M’s or just simple pieces of paper – whatever you’d like.

How to Play

Give each child a Bingo playing mat along with some “markers.”

Now, divide your class into 2 teams.

Begin playing the game by having a child from Team One come up and pick a letter out of the hat. Let’s say the letter is “N.” Before that child goes back to his board, he must answer the question of, “Which book in the Bible do we find Noah in?” If the child answers correctly, his team earns 100 points. If he doesn’t answer correctly, no points are earned. Team Two plays in the same way. Keep going back and forth between teams until someone yells bingo, meaning they have covered up 3 letters in a row. The team that had the person or persons get bingo first, earns an additional 100 points for their team. Have everyone switch cards and play the game. Each time the game is played, the children should become more familiar with the book of the Bible each of the characters is in. After you are done playing, add up the points and discover which team has won.

Pages to Print for Bible Character Bingo

Page One of Letters

Page Two of Letters

Page of “Backs”

Page of “Bible List of Names”

Bible Bingo Mat 1

Bible Bingo Mat 2

Bible Bingo Mat 3

Bible Bingo Mat 4

Bible Bingo Mat 5

Bible Bingo Mat 6

Bible Bingo Mat 7

Bible Bingo Mat 8

Bible Bingo Mat 9

Bible Bingo Mat 10

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