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Which Feelings are They Feeling? – A Bible Game for Mark 12:30

Mark 12:30 encourages us to love God with all our hearts. Our hearts are the storehouse of all our feelings. Here is a fun Bible game for Mark 12:30 to help your preschoolers learn how to love and trust God with all the different feelings they have such as happiness, sadness and excitement.

In my preschool chapel program called “Loving God and Others,” I get to teach the children about the wonderful Bible verse of Mark 12:30, which says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.” Try playing this fun Bible game for Mark 12:30 that I call “Which Feelings are They Feeling?”

Here is a video that explains how I play this game:

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Want to make your own game from scratch? Then follow the directions below.

What you need to play the Bible game for Mark 12:30:

  1. For this game, I am giving you six short little stories about 6 different children. Each story shares a different emotion. The stories are written below.
  2. When I present this game, I show the children 6 pictures of different children and number them 1 – 6. Each picture shows a child showing one of the 6 different emotions in the stories found below. You can gather 6 pictures and place them on a pocket chart or on a table so all the children can see them.

How to play the Bible game for Mark 12:30:

Tell the children the following: There is a really great verse in the Bible that says you need to love God “with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.” Your heart and soul is where all of your feelings come from. Can someone tell a feeling that they felt today? (Wait for some responses.) Wow! Those are lots of different feelings. Feelings are a gift from God and He wants us to love Him with all our feelings and trust Him with all of our feelings.

Let’s play a game called “Which Feelings are They Feeling?” I am going to show you 6 different boys and girls. Let’s see if you can guess which feeling they are feeling. (Show them each picture and let them guess the feeling. If they don’t guess the correct feeling, make sure they know what the correct feeling is so that they will be able to match the children with the correct story.)

After introducing each picture, begin reading each story and let the children decide who is feeling the feeling in the story. Each story will also reveal the name of each child.

That’s it! It’s fun and easy and a great way to introduce Mark 12:30.

6 Feelings Stories

  1. Anna’s teacher was teaching her how to skip across the room. But Anna was confused. She didn’t know how to make her feet move the right way.
  2. Jack was building a skyscraper with his Leggo’s when his baby brother toddled by and fell right on top of his building. Jack was so angry.
  3. It was bedtime, but Levi was scared of the dark and asked his grandma to leave the hallway light on.
  4. Emma had a favorite doll, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. She became very sad and started to cry.
  5. It was Sam’s birthday. He was so excited to open his presents. Then his aunt came in with a present that was making noises. When he opened it, he was surprised to find a new puppy inside.
  6. Yesterday, Jailyn’s mom and dad came home and announced that they were all going to Disneyland on Saturday. She was so happy!

If you would like to teach them a Bible song for Mark 12:30, check out this sample video of “Heart and Soul.”

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