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All Have Sinned – A Bible Song for Romans 3:23 by The Scripture Lady

Singing a Bible song for Romans 3:23 will help your kids learn the truth about sin. This well-known verse says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Use this Bible song to help your kids memorize this verse and hide it in their hearts for all their lives.

As Christians, we all know that sin is the most serious of topics. However, I actually had fun writing a Bible song for Romans 3:23.

I needed to write a Bible song for Romans 3:23 to fit into my “Wordless Book” program.

The Wordless Book is a very simple tool for evangelism. It takes the five colors of Black or Dark, Red, White or Clean, Green and Yellow or Gold to explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a very elementary, yet effective, level.

I have a Bible song that correlates with each color. The dark color represents sin and Romans 3:23 is the perfect verse to teach about sin.

I love Child Evangelism Fellowship’s definition of sin: Sin is anything I think, say or do that displeases God.

Kids need to recognize that they are sinners and that Jesus gave His life to take the punishment for their sin. So, I wanted to write a song that was both upbeat and truthful. How did I go about that? Well, I thought of good old Elvis Presley. When I picture Elvis, I think of him in his black leather jacket and slick backed black hair.

Before singing the song, I tell the children that Elvis was a pretty cool guy and a great singer, but he was also a sinner just like you and me. He did wrong things sometimes and the wrong things he did were sinful. I then proceed to bring out a pair of cool black sunglasses and then I teach them the moves to the song.

Here is a sample video of the moves to the song:

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