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What You Need to Share the Bible with Kids: Point One – Passion, Part Two

SL Post 4 Ps Passion Part 2Learn how to share the Bible with kids effectively by implementing The Scripture Lady’s four “peas” of importance.

As The Scripture Lady, I have the rare privilege of going into preschools, elementary schools and churches to share my musical Bible programs and children’s sermons. In the 20 years I have been doing this, I’ve become somewhat proficient at determining whether the teachers of these children possess a passion for God’s Word.

“How can you tell?” you might ask.

Easy. The children show me.

During any one of my many programs I will creatively share about one or more of the most common Bible stories that children should know. I wait for their responses. Are they showing familiarity for the story or do they stare at me with quizzical expressions? If I hear statements like, “I know that story!” then it’s a pretty good bet their teacher holds some degree of passion for the Bible and for sharing it.  If I get little response, chances are the opposite is true.

Now, this article is not meant to offend or heap guilt upon anyone. However, I do hope this post would encourage you, the reader, to grow in your passion for God’s Word and for sharing it with your children.

Whether you are a parent or full-time teacher, I believe with all my heart that you are obligated to help your children become biblically literate. As educators, you are concerned that your children learn all the basic academia. Of course, this is essential to a well rounded individual. In fact, our society frowns upon parents and institutions that do not ensure a basic education. A good education nurtures children physically, mentally and emotionally.

But are your children growing spiritually?

Couldn’t it safely be said that if you are not ensuring a spiritual education for your children that you are grossly lacking in your parenting/teaching abilities?

As Christians, we believe that it is our spirit that will live eternally after our bodies are long gone. Could it be then, that your child’s spiritual life is exponentially more important than their physical life?

If this is true, then what are doing to grow your child’s faith in Jesus Christ? What are you more passionate about: making sure your child is well-fed, well-dressed and knows his reading, writing and math OR making sure he is learning about God and His life-changing love for him?

In part one of this article, I said that sharing God’s Word with kids requires passion. I should probably clarify this a bit, because actually you can share the Bible with children and have little to no passion for it yourself. In fact, I see this kind of apathy in some of the schools and churches I go into. It’s disheartening to know that some teachers see it only as an obligation instead of the great privilege that it is.

So how can you as a parent or teacher grow in your passion for sharing God’s Word with your children? We will discuss the answer to this question in part 3 of “What You Need to Share the Bible with Kids – The Four ‘Peas’ of Importance.”

If you are interested, you might want to check out one of my very favorite books by Henrietta Mears, the creator of Gospel Light Publications:

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