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The Story of the Little Hill: A Preschool Easter Lesson

A preschool Easter lesson is great for your little ones! Here is one called “The Story of the Little Hill.”

As with all holidays, Easter is special in the eyes of a preschooler. But how can we begin to effectively teach our little ones about this very sad, yet glorious time of Jesus? It’s important that we be sensitive to the feelings of our young ones, yet not shy away from the difficult parts of the Easter story. My prayer is that the story of “The Little Hill” will enable you to share the story of Easter in a way that will capture the hearts and minds of your children as you share the love of Jesus.

A preschool Easter lesson is perfect for sharing God’s love and for this one you will need to do the following:

The story of “The Little Hill” is not intended to be a simple “turn the pages of a book” type presentation, but instead, I encourage you to draw each of the pictures as I have drawn below. My suggestion is that you have someone read the story while another person draws the pictures. However, if the artist feels comfortable, then he/she can recite the story while drawing.

You will want to purchase a large pad of paper that can be easily seen by your whole audience. I used pastel chalks for my drawings. They are vibrant, colorful and easy to work with. Place the pad of paper on a steady easel.

Before you give the presentation, I suggest that you draw the basic shape and shading of the hill on each page, except for the very first page. Each page is meant to build upon the last. Otherwise, just follow the directions I have printed on each drawing. Make sure you take ample time to practice your presentation. Your children will be blessed by your effort.

After the story, you might consider giving each of the children a cupcake with green icing on it to represent the little hill. You can make “flowers” by inserting a red gum drop on top of a pretzel stick and then poking the pretzel stick down into the cupcake.

The complete instructions for this presentation can be found in the pdf links found below.

As always, I would love to hear how your presentation went and if you added any other creative elements that I could share with the rest of my readers.


The Little Hill by Kathy Vincent

Once there was a little hill

And on the hill there grew green grass

And under the green grass, a flower began to grow

And on the flower grew 3 red petals

The little hill was happy


One day a worker walked upon the little hill

And on the hill he dug 3 deep holes

And in each deep hole went a tall log

And on each tall log a cross was made with another log

The little hill was confused


The next day was Friday and a large crowd gathered around

And on each cross a man was hung

There was a man in the middle…His name was Jesus.

And on each side of Jesus there was another man

The little hill was sad


The man in the middle was very sad too

But other people on the little hill were very mad at Him

And made fun of Him

And they laughed at Him

And then darkness came

The little hill was scared


And then the man in the middle died

The little flower on the hill died too

Even the grass on the little hill died

And then the little hill shook and shook

The little hill cried


The man in the middle was taken down from His cross and buried in a cave

Friday was done

Saturday came and went

But on Sunday morning something wonderful happened!

The little hill was excited!


An angel appears and says that Jesus is ALIVE!

The friends of Jesus are very happy

They go to tell their other friends

Then Jesus appears and shows that He is not dead, but ALIVE!

The little hill is filled with joy!


The little hill thought about Jesus

And soon new green grass began to grow

And soon many flowers with red petals grew

And soon new life was all around

The little hill felt loved.


PDF Links for Complete Instructions:

The Little Hill Story Part One

The Little Hill Story Part Two

The Little Hill Story Part Three

The Little Hill Story Part Four

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