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Christian Education Teacher Training Ideas: Sunday School…Easy?

Christian education teacher training ideas can inspire you to be more creative and confident when teaching your children. This article will teach about the need to do your best as a Sunday School teacher.

I have the privilege of offering teacher training workshops to hundreds of Sunday School teachers and children’s workers every year.  I love what I do, but sometimes I don’t like what I hear.  Take, for example, this question:  Do you have something easy I can do for Sunday School?  If I am honest, when I hear that, it’s like hearing fingernails being scraped on the chalkboard.  On one hand, I know we are all busy and life is more hectic than ever.  However, on the other hand, it’s crucially important that every Christian children’s worker understands that teaching children about God might be one of the most important jobs they will ever have.  Important jobs take a lot of work.  They are not easy and require a great deal of preparation and passion.
There’s a saying which goes like this: The teacher who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.  If you are only preparing for Sunday School on Saturday night, you are not putting the time and work in that God and your children deserve.  All the elements of a good Sunday school class should be well thought out and completely prepared.  Have you read and meditated on the Bible story you will share?  Are you ready to present the story in a creative way that will keep your children interested and engaged?  If doing a craft, do you have all the items ready for each child?  Are your worship songs ready to sing?  Make sure each and every part of your class time is completely ready to present.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited do you get about waking up on Sunday morning to share what God has given you with your kids?  Now before you start thinking I’m some kind of saint, I have to tell you that I have my Sundays where my energy level is not very high.  On the other hand, I can definitely attest to the fact that there are many Sundays where I can’t wait to get to my class.  I am genuinely excited to share what God has given me to share to each and every child.  Ask my husband.  He will say it’s true.  Being prepared with my Bible lesson and songs and Bible review games truly heightens my excitement.  Praying and asking the Lord to bless each of the kids this week gets my engine roaring.  There are so many kids sitting in Sunday school rooms across the world who are just waiting for someone to share God’s love with them.  Yes.  This is even true of kids from Christian homes.  As a Sunday school teacher, you have the unique opportunity to pour into your 6 or 7 kids (or whatever your class size is) and lavish on them God’s wonderful and life-changing truths.  That is pretty incredible!

Bottom line – Being a Sunday school teacher is not easy and it takes good honest work.  You should see being a Sunday school teacher as one of the greatest things you get to do each week.  Your kids deserve it.

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“Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us and we are His. We are His people; the sheep of His pasture.”

Psalm 100:3

6 thoughts on “Christian Education Teacher Training Ideas: Sunday School…Easy?”

  • Very well said, and something we need to hear. Thank you for this important reminder!

  • Thank you, Tee! Yes, being a Sunday School teacher should hold great importance, yet sadly it has often been reduced to “let me just do my job the fastest and easiest way”. So sad. The lives of children are at stake and they are so hungry for passionate teachers who love God and who love them. Blessings to you, Tee!

  • Hi Kathy! It’s Tee from Awana. I wish you had sent this last week. Just yesterday I had a leader meeting with my Sparks (K-2nd graders) leaders and student helpers because I was seeing a lack of passion in some of them. (It was also to tell them thank you for serving this year) I gave them an evaluation form to complete and was surprised to find that approx. 33% of them either aren’t praying regularly or know how to lead a child to Christ. Those 2 things I feel translate to the lack of preparation and passion in their service. If I had received this earlier, I would have definitely credited you during my Keynote presentation in regards to your statement about how important the job of a children’s worker truly is and more. Thank you for you wonderful insight! Hope to see you in Burbank in Oct. In His love and service, Tee

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