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5 W Questions For the Story of “Jesus’ Family Escapes to Egypt” from Matthew 2


Asking 5 W questions for Bible review is a fun way to help your children learn the basics of any Bible story. Here are some questions for Matthew 2.

The life story of Jesus is amazing from beginning to end.  If his miraculous birth was not eventful enough, God throws in a daring escape to Egypt for this young family.  And how did Joseph know to leave Bethlehem?  An angel of the Lord appeared to him a dream.  How awesome is that!  Your kids will enjoy this part of the narrative of Jesus.  It includes angels appearing in dreams and an angry king set on destroying the Son of God.  You will need to be sensitive to the issue of King Herod’s massacre according to the age of your children, but don’t just pass over this amazing part of God’s Word.

Here are eighteen 5 W questions – who, what, when, where, why and how – with their answers for the story of “Jesus’ Family Escapes to Egypt” found in Matthew 2 13-23.  These questions can be used with both young children and elementary children.  Just be ready to tweak them a little bit for the appropriate age.  You can also read a verse first, and then ask the question or you can read the whole passage of Scripture and then ask the questions. Your younger children might enjoy having some kind of puppet ask the questions.  Have fun!

Questions for the story “Jesus’ Family Escapes to Egypt”

1.   Who appeared to Joseph in a dream?

Answer: An angel of the Lord.  (Matthew 2:13)

2.   When did Joseph have his dream?

Answer:  After the wise men had left.  (Matthew 2:13)

3.   What did the angel say to Joseph in the dream?

Answer:  He told Joseph to take Jesus and his wife Mary to Egypt.  (Matthew 2:13)

4.   How long were they to stay in Egypt?

Answer: Until the angel told them something different.  (Matthew 2:13)

5.   Who wanted to destroy Jesus?

Answer:  King Herod. (Matthew 2:13)

6.   When did Joseph take his family and escape to Egypt?

Answer: In the night. (Matthew 2:14)

7.   Why did the Lord call Joseph to leave Egypt according to verse 15?

Answer: So that the prophecy would be fulfilled. (Matthew 2:15)

8.   How did Herod feel when he saw that the wise men had lied to him?

Answer: He was very angry. (Matthew 2:16)

9.   What did Herod do to all the babies who were born in Bethlehem?

Answer: He ordered them to be killed. (Matthew 2:16)

10.           Who was the prophet whose words came to pass because of Herod’s horrible deed?

Answer:   Jeremiah. (Matthew 2:17)

11.           When did an angel of the Lord appear in another dream to Joseph?

Answer:  After Herod was dead. (Matthew 2:19)

12.           What did the angel say to Joseph?

Answer:  He told Joseph to take his family and go to Israel. (Matthew 2:20)

13.           Why was Joseph afraid to go to Israel?

Answer:  Because he hard that another bad ruler was reigning over Judea named Archelaus. (Matthew 2:22)

14.           Who was the father of Archelaus?

Answer:  King Herod. (Matthew 2:22)

15.           Who warned Joseph not to go to Israel after all?

Answer:  God. (Matthew 2:22)

16.           Where did Joseph end up taking his family?

Answer:  To Galilee. (Matthew 2:22)

17.           What was the name of the city where Joseph and his family stayed?

Answer:  Nazareth. (Matthew 2:23)

18.           Why did Jesus’ family live in Nazareth?

Answer:  So that the prophecy would come to pass that Jesus would be called a Nazarene. (Matthew 2:23)

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