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Jack and Jill Sing Jesus Loves Me: A Puppet Bible Song by The Scripture Lady

“Jack and Jill Sing Jesus Loves Me” is a fun puppet presentation that you can share with your children using your own puppets or by just sharing the video. Every child loves the song “Jesus Loves Me,” so why not try adding puppets to teach about the love of God?!

My newest additions to my ministry are my puppets that I have named Jack and Jill. “Jack and Jill Sing Jesus Loves Me” is one of my newest songs from my newest preschool program called “Grandparents in the Bible.”

In this puppet skit, Jack and Jill share that they learned the “Jesus Loves Me” song from their grandma. Their Grandma Betty is quite amazing! She used to fly planes in the Army. She had 5 daughters and one son and she can even ride a skateboard! But the most amazing thing about Grandma Betty is that she has taught Jack and Jill all about Jesus.

Here is a video of “Jack and Jill Sing Jesus Loves Me”

Click HERE to learn how to purchase your own digital copy of this song along with the video presentation and full script.

Once you have your own copy of the song and script, grab a couple of your own cute puppets and watch your children delight in your creativity.

Did you know that you can often find puppets at thrift stores. There’s really no need to spend a lot of money on puppets, but you do want them to be nice enough so that they engage your children’s interest. My Jack and Jill puppets were actually given to me by my good friend Barney. Jack and Jill had been sitting in his storage unit for several years. I was thrilled when he said I could have them. I love their colors and their hair. I think kids can really relate to them.

If you’ve never used puppets in your children’s ministry, I highly recommend you give them a try. I’ve never seen a child yet, who is not instantly drawn to them. And when you pair a puppet with the truth of God, you have a winning combination!

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