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Christian Education Teacher Training Ideas: “I Can’t Wait Till Sunday Morning!” by Ed Dunlop


Christian education teacher training ideas can inspire you to be more creative and confident when teaching your children. This article will share one of The Scripture Lady’s favorite resources.

One of my favorite authors for children’s workers is a man named Ed Dunlop.  If you’ve been to any of my workshops, you know I sing his praises and encourage you to purchase his materials.  All of his books are filled with practical, “use them this Sunday” ideas.  One of his books, “I Can’t Wait Till Sunday Morning!” tells of a great way to promote Bible reading.  A quick excerpt has him explaining the following:  “Several years ago I became determined to find out how many of my Children’s church kids were getting into God’s Word on their own.  I began to ask each week about their Bible-reading habits.  The results were pretty discouraging.  Fewer than ten percent of the group were reading on a regular basis, and we had taught on it so many, many times!

I began to search for a way to encourage my kids to get into God’s Word faithfully during the week.  What good was it to teach on the importance of daily Bible reading if my students weren’t actually doing it?” (p. 174)

Sound familiar?  So, what idea did Mr. Dunlop come up with?  He began giving out Bible Reading Slips.  These slips or papers contained 7 short Scripture passages for each day of the week.  After handing them out for several weeks, the percentage of kids getting into God’s Word went up to 25%.  Dunlop wanted more, so he made the slips look fun and attractive – my kind of guy! – and then he added one more idea – a phone call list.  He placed a sign up sheet on a table for any child who would like to receive a phone call to check up on their Bible reading.  The list was completely voluntary.  What was the outcome?  “The bottom line of the phone call encouragement system was this: the number of faithful Bible readers rose almost immediately to over 70%! (p. 176)  Wow!  Even Donald Trump would be impressed by that statistic!

So, how about your kids?  Could their Bible reading muscles use some strengthening?  Then why not try Mr. Dunlop’s idea yourself and watch your percentages rise.  By the way, I have included a nice “Sign me up for a phone call” list at the bottom of the letter.

Sign Me Up For a Phone Call Poster


If you’d like your own copy of Ed Dunlop’s book, click here:

Here’s another book by Ed Dunlop that I own, “How Do I Get These Kids to Listen?”. It is just as brilliant as the first one. I own both of them and in my opinion, so should you. Check it out:

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