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How to Tell a Bible Story – “The Bible Story Book” Presented by The Scripture Lady

Using my Bible Story Book is absolutely one of my favorite ways to share Bible stories with preschoolers. I got the idea one day when I was in a store much like Tuesday Morning, an awesome “price knock-off store,” that is common throughout the country. I saw this “box like book” sitting on the counter and I thought, “Wow, I could turn that into a “Bible” and add some felt pictures inside along with some Bible characters and I could tell a story with it.”

I actually had my friend paint the “book” to make it look like a black Bible. I even added a cute little ribbon on the bottom. I then went on to my computer and added a nice little sticker that says “My Bible Story Book.” You can see that mine has been around a while which gives it that old rustic Bible feel.

Then on the inside are some great felts of a nature scene that I had sitting around. I added some trees and grass and even a cute little lamb.

There is a great book called The Gracious Mother Goose, Grades PK – 2: Christian Rhymes, Songs, and Stories
by Becky White. I think it might be out of print by now, but if you can find it, grab it really fast because she has so many cute little poems and songs all about the Bible. One of them is really cute. She takes some of the main Bible characters and makes a poem out of them.

First I took the cute drawings she has and enlarged them a bit and colored them and laminated them. Then I just took her poem and put a little music to it.

So, for example, for the Bible character of Abraham I sing the following:

Abraham was a very old man

And a very old man was he

When he was a hundred and Sarah was 90

They grew to family of three

After singing the song, I point to the Bible character and ask the boys and girls, “Boys and girls, who is this?” Hopefully if they were listening to the song they will say, “Abraham!”

Another fun way I’ve had with telling Bible stories with my Bible Story Book came from one of my musical Bible programs called, “God Gave Me a Family.” In that program I share with the children that there are many different families in the Bible. In fact I share the following five: Adam and Eve with their sons Cain and Abel, Noah and his three sons, Abraham, Sarah and baby Isaac, Joseph and his father and finally, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

I went onto Google Images and found some Bible pictures from the public domain that depict each of these families. For example, I found a picture of Adam and Eve together and a picture of Cain and Abel together. I laminated the pictures and placed felt on the backs. I then placed all the pictures of the children on my felt board. I then place a picture of one of the Bible parents inside my Bible Story Book. I will share a little bit about the family and then I ask a child to come up and find the family’s child or children from the felt board and have them place the picture inside the book.

I actually printed my pictures onto some fabric. There are so many wonderful public domain images of Bible stories and I so encourage you to go online and really search them out. The vintage images are especially nice. Their coloring is great and they always depict a great look and feel for that Bible story.

So go to a store such as Tuesday morning or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and look for your “book box” to create your very own “Bible Story Book.” Your little ones will LOVE it!

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