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A Happy New Year Card for Children’s Church or Family Time

Here is a Happy New Year card for children’s church or family time that they can give to special people in their lives this holiday season. 

This Happy New Year card for children’s church will encourage your kids to pray for people God has placed within their lives.

Christmas is over and a new year is just around the corner. Children need to remember that God is always with them and always hears their prayers. This Happy New Year card will allow them to remember this truth and give a great opportunity to bless someone in their lives such as Grandma, Uncle Jack or their teacher.

Here is the poem that I wrote for the outside of the card:

A new year is upon us

And I want to share my love

To tell you that I care for you

And I pray to God above

To bless you with a year

That is full of peace and joy

For God’s the giver of all good gifts

To man or woman, girl or boy

Inside this card will be

A special prayer to you from me

Even before you ask

God knows all of your needs

But because you’re in my life

I know about you, too

So, the little prayer inside

Was written just for you

Maybe you can keep this card

In a special place

And read it throughout the coming year

And be reminded of God’s grace

Happy New Year!

And God’s blessings too

I know that you’re a blessing to me

And I pray I’m a blessing to you

Below, you will find the downloadable link for the inside and outside of the card.

Here’s how to use the Happy New Year card for children’s church:

1.  Copy the card onto card stock.  You will need to know how to successfully print this on your particular printer so that the inside matches with the outside.

2.  Give each child as many cards as you would like them to have for their friends and families.

3.  When you open the card you will see that the child should address their card to a specific person and describe the specific prayer they want to pray.  For example, they might write:  “Dear Grandma,I pray that God will bless you in many ways this new year. But I pray God especially will heal you and that He would comfort you when you are in pain.” 

Finally, you will notice there is also a place for the child to write out an appropriate Scripture for the prayer they are praying.  In this instance, the child might write out, “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

By the way, having the children find appropriate Scriptures can be a great chance for them to make their “looking-up-in-a-concordance” muscles stronger.

If the children are having a hard time thinking up prayer ideas, encourage them to share some things they know about the person to who they are writing. This should help lead them to a great prayer.

4.  Encourage them to give their cards to their intended recipient.

Downloadable links for the Happy New Year card for children’s church:

(Revised from 12-26-18)

Inside of the Card

Outside of the Card

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2 thoughts on “A Happy New Year Card for Children’s Church or Family Time”

  • I think the inside & the outside of the New Year’s Card should be switched sides so that when copied, it can be folded & the Happy New Year will be the front of the card. Folding a double sided copy left to right makes the child’s name be on inside Right side.
    Just my thoughts. Thanks

  • Hi Frances, I believe you are right! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I made the changes and now the links are correct. Blessings!

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