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A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Luke 2:14 for Preschoolers

Teach this Bible memory verse activity for Luke 2:14 for preschoolers to help them learn of the time when the angels declared the arrival of Jesus to our earth.

It’s almost Christmas and I believe this Bible memory verse activity for Luke 2:14 for preschoolers will add a lot of “angelic” fun to your holiday Bible lesson whether at home or in your classroom.

As a reminder, Luke 2:14 says this: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men.” 

This scripture could easily be categorized as a Christmas verse. Luke 2:14 is just a part of the greater portion of scripture in which we learn of the angel who announced to the shepherds in the field that Jesus was born.

Encourage your preschoolers to memorize this Luke 2:14 while playing a Bible memory verse activity I call “The Angel and the Shepherds.”

What to prepare for this Bible memory verse activity for Luke 2:14:

For this activity, you will need to gather one set of angel wings and enough shepherd hats for the rest of the class. You can make shepherd hats very easily. Just cut out a large rectangle of felt (about 24″ x 18″) and lay it on top of a child’s head and then take a sash or elastic headband to secure it in place.

Lastly, you will want to come up with some simple moves that go along with Luke 2:14. Adding moves to a verse helps the children memorize it more easily. Adding moves AND music is a big bonus.

If you are interested, you can purchase my Bible verse song and the moves for Luke 2:14 by clicking on the link below this sample video:

Click HERE to learn how to get your own digital download of my song and video for Luke 2:14 called, “Glory.”

How to play this Bible memory verse activity for Luke 2:14:

Pick a child to be the angel who will tell the good news of Jesus’ birth. Have this child go outside the room with a helper and have him dress in the angel wings. All the other children will wear a shepherd hat.

Have the shepherds pretend they are watching the sheep. Make sheep noises and have the “shepherds” follow you around the room like you are a sheep they are watching over.

After a minute of this pretending, have the “angel” come into to room. When the “shepherds” see the “angel” they should fall on their knees like they are afraid.

Encourage the “angel” to say, “Do not be afraid!” At this announcement, all the “shepherds” can stand up and then the angel will say his memory verse of Luke 2:14.

Encourage all to clap for his success.

Pick someone new to be the angel and play the activity all over again.

How to introduce this Bible memory verse activity for Luke 2:14:

Say the following:

Boys and girls, it’s almost Christmas time! Today, we are going to learn about the part of the Christmas story when the angel told the shepherds that Jesus was born.

Who can tell me what an angel is? (Wait for a response.) An angel is a servant of God who lives in Heaven, but sometimes comes down to earth for an important job.

Who can tell me what a shepherd is? (Wait for a response.) A shepherd is a person who takes care of sheep.

What sound does the sheep make? (Wait for responses.) That’s right! They say, “Baaah!”

In today’s story, I am going to be the sheep. (Make a sheep sound.) Some of you will be shepherds and get to wear one of these shepherd hats and one of you will get to be an angel and wear these angel wings.

But before we play our game, I want us all to learn our Christmas Bible verse today. It comes from Luke 2:14 and it says this, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men.” 

Let’s all say this together. (At this point, share the simple moves that you came up with for this verse. Go over the verse several times to help them memorize the verse.)

You guys did great!

OK. I think we are ready to play the game. I will pick one of you to be the angel. You will step outside the room with our helper (a teacher or someone you can trust the child with). The rest of you will be my shepherds. I will pretend I am a sheep and you will follow me around the room.

When the angel comes back into the room, everyone should get on their knees like they are afraid. Then the angel will say, “Do not be afraid!” When you hear this, you can stand back up. Then our angel will deliver the good news about Jesus by saying the memory verse.

OK. Let’s play!

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