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God Will Never Forget: God’s Promises for Preschoolers

Here is fun Bible review game to help teach God’s promises for preschoolers.

In one of my devotions this week with C. H. Spurgeon, (my favorite devotional author) I was reminded of how God will never forget His promises to us.  The Scripture was Genesis 9: 13-15 where God tells Noah that the rainbow will be a covenant or a promise between Himself and all the earth that He will never send a world wide flood on the earth again.  But the clincher of this passage is in verse 15 where God says that when HE looks at the rainbow, He will not forget His promise.  So, you see, God’s promises are not dependent upon OUR remembrance, but upon HIS.  Praise the Lord!

Here’s a Bible story game, sharing God’s promises for preschoolers, that will use the colors of the rainbow to remind your children that even though we might forget God’s promises, He will always remember them.

To get started, you will want to cut out strips of construction paper that are the colors found in the rainbow.  For example, you could cut strips the colors of red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange and pink.  Display each of the colorful strips on a table.  At this point, take time to share the story of God’s promise to Noah about the rainbow.  A preschool picture Bible should provide a nice presentation.  Now go over each of the colors.  Your little ones may still be learning the names of each hue.

After your explanation, have the children close their eyes while you take away one or more of the paper strips.  Have the children open their eyes and say, “Do you remember which color of our rainbow was here?”  If the children guess correctly, praise them for their effort.  If they get it wrong, say, “That’s OK if YOU don’t remember, because God will ALWAYS remember His promises.”  Play the game several times and have fun!

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