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Christian Valentine’s Day Activity for Preschoolers: Whooooo Loves You?

VDay Title PosterSharing a Christian Valentine’s Day activity for preschoolers can add some wonderful love to your classroom or home!

I love Valentine’s Day and kids do too! Taking time to share about Jesus at this time should be a top priority since the Bible says that “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) Here is a fun activity to do with your preschoolers that will teach them an easy Christian Valentine’s Day poem using numbers and a cute little owl. I performed this last year during February and it was a hit!

This activity is sweet, but will take a little preparation. Below, I have given you the poem along with the slides that I used in a Power Point that I created. If you don’t want to use a Power Point, you could easily print the images on your computer and hold them up as you go through the poem. I suggest you print them on card stock and laminate them to keep them nice for a long time.

The next thing you will need to do is create 5 posters from the “poster” images I give you below. Again, I suggest you print them on card stock and laminate them to keep them nice for a long time. The children will be holding these so you will want the posters to be durable.

How to share this Christian Valentine’s Day activity for preschoolers:

Pass out the number posters to 5 children. As you pass them out, have the children count out loud to help them practice their numbers. Once this is done, then you will show them the first “slide” of the poem and read it. Have the children point to the child who is holding Poster Number One. Then have that child come up and stand by you. Proceed to do the same actions with all 5 slides and poster numbers. However, instead of putting the children who are holding the posters in numerical order, mix them up a bit. Then after you have read the whole poem, ask the children if their friends are in the right counting order. Hopefully, they will say, “No.” You will then have the children stand in the correct order. Read the Christian Valentine’s Day poem again, but pick different children to hold the numbers. That’s it! Sweet and easy!

A Christian Valentine’s Day poem: Whoooo Loves You?

Number One – Jesus is God’s only Son.

Number Two – Jesus helps me love you.

Number Three – Jesus loves you and me.

Number Four – I love Jesus more and more.

Number Five – Jesus loves me and gives me life.

Here are the following slide and poster files for you to download for free:

Slide Number One

Slide Number Two

Slide Number Three

Slide Number Four

Slide Number Five


Poster Number One

Poster Number Two

Poster Number Three

Poster Number Four

Poster Number Five

If you are interested, you might want to check out Child Evangelism Fellowship’s song, “Who, Who?” found on their Holiday CD.

This is the song I sang during my Valentine’s Day program for preschoolers.

Click HERE to be taken to their site to purchase the CD.

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