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Scripture Lady’s Free Christian Poems for Preschoolers

Scripture Lady’s Free Christian Poems for Preschoolers

SL-PreK-Pocket-Poem-ButtonWelcome to Scripture Lady’s Free Christian Poems for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love words that rhyme. Perhaps that’s why Mother Goose and nursery rhymes are such a big hit. Coming up with poetry about Jesus for preschoolers is one of my favorite things to do. Adding great visuals and a pocket chart make the sweet poems all the better!

If you are not sure what a pocket chart is, the picture to the left will give you a good idea. Pocket charts are usually made of durable nylon with several long plastic “pockets” that will hold cards of varying sizes. I always mount mine to a strong, sturdy board, otherwise they remain flimsy. I have been performing with these long-lasting charts for years.

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After writing some cute poetry for preschoolers, I will then be on the hunt for eye-catching graphics to go along with the poem. I print them off and laminate them for long-term use. Once I have all my materials, I gather the children and read the poem while displaying the pictures on the chart. It grabs the children’s attention and they love it.

One of my favorite Christian poems for preschoolers is “Planting Seeds.” It’s a perfect piece of poetry for preschoolers to celebrate their mommies. It also highlights the Fruit of the Spirit and is interactive as well.

Another favorite preschool pocket poem is “10 Little Pumpkins.” This will be great for the fall when pumpkins start popping up all around. This poem points to Jesus and the feelings that each little pumpkin experiences.

“You Protect Me” will introduce your preschoolers to familiar community helpers such as the policeman, fireman and doctor. Your little ones will learn that God blessed each of these workers with the talents and abilities to serve and protect them.

“God Made…” celebrates the different ways God has made each one of us.

I praise my God,  for He made me.

The Bible says He did it wonderfully.

You see, I’m different from everyone else.

It shows the world that God loves me.

Check back often to see when new titles are added.

“Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes and pray at all times.”

Romans 12:12

(Click here for a sample of this Bible verse song.)

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