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Scripture Lady’s Bible Memory Verse Games: Bible Verse Balloon Batting


The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible memory verse games! Here is one called “Bible Verse Balloon Batting” to make memorizing Scripture fun.

Memorizing God’s Word really doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially when you make it fun.  I guarantee this Bible memory verse game will be one of your kids’ favorites. It’s called “Bible Verse Balloon Batting.”

Bible memory verse games will help your children hide God’s Word in their hearts and for this one you will need to do the following:

For this Bible school activity you will need to blow up one balloon for each word in the Bible verse you want your class to learn.  Include one balloon also for the reference of the verse.  So, for example, if you are teaching Hebrews 9:22 which says, “…without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness…” you will need 10 balloons.  Write one word from the verse on each balloon.  Now, attach all the balloons to a long string in correct verse order.  Hang this string of balloons from the ceiling low enough that the kids in the class will be able to jump up and “bat” or “tap” the balloons.  You will also need to prepare 3 cards that have a picture of a baseball bat on them and one card with a picture of a pin on it.  Place these 4 cards in a bag or a bucket.  You are now ready to play this Bible school activity.

How to play:

Before playing this Bible memory verse activity, you will want to introduce the verse you have displayed on your balloons.  “Bat” or tap each of the balloons as you say the verse.  Once you have done this several times, have a child come pick a card out of the bag you prepared.  If the child pulls out a card with a bat on it, the child gets to “bat” the balloons with his hand while saying the verse.  This card goes back in the bag.  If the card with a pin is picked, the child gets to choose a balloon that he is allowed to pop with a pin.  After popping this balloon, the child must say the complete verse.  When he gets to the balloon or balloons that have been popped, the child can clap his hands on these missing words.  Keep playing till all the balloons have been popped. By this point the memory verse should be hidden in their hearts and minds.

Just in case you’re interested, you might want to check out this book with even more Bible lessons for your kids: Bible Memory Verse Games For Children: 50 Fun and Creative Activities to Help Kids Learn–and Remember–God’s Word

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