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Scripture Lady’s Bible Review Games for Preschoolers

Scripture Lady’s Bible Review Games for Preschoolers

SL-PreK-BR-Games-ButtonScripture Lady’s Bible Review Games for Preschoolers

I’ve heard it quoted that “play is a child’s work.” I think that is very true. And if it is true then our children’s ministries should be overflowing with lots of fun and engaging ways to present the Bible and the love of Jesus! Bible review games for preschoolers are just the ticket! No matter the age of your children, kids LOVE games.

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Preschoolers are no exception. But it seems many preschool teachers struggle in this area of providing games for their little ones. In fact, the question I receive most often in my preschool workshops is, “Do you have any games for preschoolers?”

Hosting Bible review games for preschoolers is different than hosting one for elementary children. The difference mainly lies in the need to take out the element of competition that you would use with grade school children and replace it with the element of reaching a goal as a class.

Preschoolers have a hard time with losing and while we want to begin gently teaching them that life is full of losses, we must remember that God has made a preschooler very ego-centric so that they can become very familiar with the world and its surroundings on their own terms and feel safe at the same time. Competition is too much for them to handle. But they can be encouraged to work and play together as a class to reach a common goal. Here at, we showcase Bible review games that cater to this goal oriented style of play.

Another important key to a successful Bible game time with your preschoolers is the use of lots of great visuals. Eye-catching images will help your little ones stay attentive to your lessons. So taking the time to put together the pictures needed for your games will be quite effective and help maintain discipline in your classroom.

We offer two types of Bible review games:
1. Preschool Bible games for specific Bible stories.
2. Preschool Bible games for specific Scriptures.

Please check back often to discover new titles we will add periodically.


“I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation for everyone who believes.”

Romans 1:16

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