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A Bible Memory Verse Activity for John 3:16 for Young Children

Play this Bible memory verse activity for John 3:16 for young children to help them learn the most famous verse in the Bible and more importantly, to learn the heart of God for the world He created.

This Bible memory verse activity for John 3:16 for young children will be a fun addition to any children’s church lesson in which you want to share God’s abundant love. This activity will be perfect for ages 4 through 7.

This past month, I have been sharing my preschool chapel program called “I Can Be a Missionary.” It’s a program that introduces young children to the job of a missionary. This is the definition I give to the children at the beginning of the chapel time:

A missionary is a person who loves God so much that they are willing to go anywhere in the world that He sends them to tell the people all about Jesus.

Of course, this is a simple definition, but it is a good introduction for young minds.

I then proceed to tell the children that missionaries use God’s Word, the Bible, to share the good news about Jesus. Missionaries tell all the great Bible stories and they share all the great Bible verses to teach others about Jesus. For example, missionaries love to read John 3:16 to the people they meet.

John 3:16 says this: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.

I then invite the children to stand and I teach them my Bible verse song for John 3:16, Hawaiian style.

Take a look at this sample video of my Bible verse song for John 3:16:

Click HERE to learn how to get your own digital download copy of this song and the moves for both boys and girls.

Including this song as part of this Bible memory verse activity for John 3:16 for young children is not mandatory, but it would be a great way to help your children memorize the verse more successfully.

What to prepare for the Bible memory verse activity for John 3:16 for young children:

For this activity, you will want to gather either several pictures of different countries or several pictures of different people from different countries. Below, I am providing you with some cards showing some of both. Print the pictures and place them in a bag from which the children will pick.

The last thing you need to do is draw a large circle on the floor to represent the world. You will want this to be large enough so all your children can safely run around its perimeter.

How to play the Bible memory verse activity for John 3:16 for young children:

You will want to introduce John 3:16 to the children with the following moves:

For God (point up high to God)

so loved (criss-cross their chests as a sign of love)

the world (raise your hands above your head into a big “world”)

that He gave (start with palms down about chest high, then flip them up and over like you are giving a gift)

His one (hold up an index finger showing the number one)

only Son (put your ams out to the sides like making a big cross with your body)

that whoever (fan your arms out to everyone)

believes in Him (tap an index finger to the side of your brain)

will not perish (shake an index finger back and forth)

but have eternal life (criss-cross your hands and arms facing down to the ground then bring them up and around in a big gesture way up high)

Have the children say the verse together several times.

Now have the children go over to the “world” you created on the ground and ask each child to find a place on its edge to stand.

Say the following: Boys and girls, our Bible verse of John 3:16 says that God loved the world. Let’s pretend this is a picture of our great big world. Our world was created by God, but not everyone in the world knows about God, so we need to be willing to tell everyone in the world about God and His Son Jesus. For example, we need to be willing to go to Japan. (Pull out the country of Japan that is in your bag and show it to the children. Then place the card of Japan inside your “world” circle. Repeat this line of talking with the other cards that you have. Once you have shown all the cards, have the children gather them all up and put them back in your bag.)

Continue by saying: OK, boys and girls, let’s pretend we are going to travel all around the world to share Jesus while we say our Bible verse of John 3:16. We will run around the circle and say our verse. Once we have said our verse, I will let one of you pick a country or person out of my bag and you will get to place it inside our world. Then we will all say, “Jesus loves you!” Alright, is everybody ready to go around the world? Here we go!

Tip: You don’t have to say all of John 3:16 if you think it would be too much for your children. You might just have them say, “For God so loved the world.” Or make it a little longer by adding the next phrase of “that He gave His one and only Son.” Just use your discretion.

Pictures of Children from 4 Different Countries

Page One

Page Two

Pictures of 4 Different Countries

Page One

Page Two

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