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Scripture Lady’s Bible Lessons for Kids: Bible Jobs – Learning About Jobs in the Bible


The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible lessons for kids! Here is one called “Bible Jobs” to help learn about jobs in the Bible.

Matthew was a tax collector.  Paul was a tentmaker and Peter was a fisherman.  Everyone in the Bible had a job and there was a job for everyone to do…Just like today!  Occupations in the Bible were much like they are today.  Sure, we have lots of technical gizmos and gadgets now, but a baker still bakes and a seamstress still sews.

Why not have a little fun with this Scripture game and your kids while teaching them about the different jobs there were back in the Bible days?

Bible lessons for kids will help your children hide God’s Word in their hearts and for this one you will need to do the following:

Take the list of occupations that I have provided below and write the occupation on one side of a 3×5 card and the Scripture that goes with it on the other side.  Mix all the cards up and place them in a hat or a bucket from which your children can choose.  You will also need 2 Bibles, one for each team.
Now divide your class into 2 teams.  Let one child from a team come and pick out one of the cards.  He should do this carefully so that no one else in the room can see the card he picked.  Once he has seen the occupation on the card, he must then act out the job without using any words, much like “Charades”.  For example, if the job of baker was chosen, the child must act out what a baker would do.  The first person in the class who guesses the occupation correctly comes to the front of the class and then picks a child from the other team for him to compete against. You, the teacher, will give each of these 2 children a Bible.  You will then give them the Scripture reference that was on the back of the occupation just acted out.  Say, “Ready, set, Go!” and then have the children find the verse in the Bible.  The first child to find the correct verse will earn 100 points for their team.  Have the child read the verse out loud if he feels comfortable doing so.  If not, then you, the teacher, should do so.

Have the last child who acted out the occupation pick the next child to be the actor and then play as before.  Now…get to work!

List of Occupations in the Bible:
Baker/Genesis 40:1
Barber/Ezekiel 5:1
Teacher/Psalm 119:99
Carpenter/2 Samuel 5:11
Fisherman/Matthew 4:18
Gardener/ Jeremiah 29:5
Potter/Isaiah 64:8
Musician/1 Chronicles 9:33
Tax Collector/Matthew 9:9
Soldier/Numbers 31:21

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7 thoughts on “Scripture Lady’s Bible Lessons for Kids: Bible Jobs – Learning About Jobs in the Bible”

  • Your information is very good and useful for my Sunday school children. Thank you. I am praying for you.

  • I teach second grade eight year olds… I love these ideas and look forward to your emails. Praying for you… Thank you for all the great ideas

  • I am looking for information about Job the Bible character not jobs. Do you have games and activities about him for 3 to 6 year olds?

  • Loved your scripture game so much, i turned it into a lesson/game for a wednesday night class event called BIBLE JOBS. I am in the process of making a graphic art from dirty jobs off of the discovery channel and making it into Bible jobs. Sending home flyers to the bus kids having them come that special night dressed as a certian occupation/ or trade. all my children’s workers are going to dress up as bible job workers from the bible.

  • This is a wonderful lesson! I’m going to add your link to a Christmas squidoo page that I am making. Thank you for sharing it for students to use. 🙂 Pamela

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