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12 Disciples Pop-Up: A Fun Preschool Bible Time Idea

Here is a fun preschool Bible time idea for your preschoolers:

Andrew, James, John and Philip, Thomas, Matthew, James and Simon, Thaddaeus, Judas, Simon Peter, and Bartholomew

Do you think your preschoolers can memorize all twelve of the disciples?  I guarantee they can IF they learn them in a song and then play this fun Preschool Bible time idea afterwards.  The best song I know that teaches this list of Jesus’ 12 friends is CEF’s Visualized Song:  “There Were Twelve Disciples” sung to the tune of “Bringing in the Sheaves”.  If you haven’t seen or heard it, it’s a must have.  You can purchase the song board online at this link:  and you can find the actual song on CEF’s All Time Favorites Two CD, which can also be purchased online at

Now for the fun game.  After your children have learned the names of the 12 disciples, point out the beginning sound of each man’s name.  Four of their names begin with a “J” and two begin with an “S” and the other letters are the sounds of “A”, “Ph” which, for a preschooler sounds like an “F”, “T”, “TH” and “B”.  To play the game, tell your preschoolers that you will say a disciple’s name.  You will then say three other Bible names.  Tell the children that when they hear the same beginning sound of another Bible name that matches the beginning sound of the name of the disciple you just said, they should pop up out of their chairs or up off the floor.  Give them lots of praise for getting it right and move onto the next disciple’s name.  Here is a list of other Bible names that you can say.  Just click here for the link:

Table of Contents

 12 Disciples Pop-up List

This fun little game will help your young ones get better at recognizing beginning sounds as well as Bible names they might not have heard yet.  But the main point of the activity is to help them walk away with knowing the names of Jesus’ special twelve friends.  Happy popping!

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