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Psalm 148 in Pictures: Teaching Preschoolers the Psalms

Here is a fun Bible time idea: Psalm 148 in Pictures-Teaching Preschoolers the Psalms

Teaching preschoolers the Psalms can be very fun. One of the things that I love about God’s wonderful Word is how it is brimming over with imagery. These days, more than ever, children need visuals to help them understand how the Bible is for them too – even our preschoolers. Here is a Preschool Bible lesson that presents Psalm 148. It indeed is filled with pictures that encourage all who read it to “Praise God from heaven!” Read the psalm here then click below on two pages of PDF documents that will give you pictures  you can show your little ones and even your bigger children during your presentation.  Enjoy and Praise God!

Psalm 148


Praise God from heaven!

Praise Him from the mountaintops

Praise Him, all you His angels

Praise Him, all you His warriors

Praise Him, sun and moon

Praise Him, you morning stars

Praise Him, high heaven

Praise Him, heavenly rain clouds

Praise, oh let them praise the name of God –

He spoke the word and there they were!

Praise God from earth,

You sea dragons, you fathomless ocean deeps;

Fire and hail, snow and ice,

Hurricanes obeying His orders,

Mountains and all hills,

Apple orchards and cedar forests,

Wild beasts and herds of cattle,

Snakes and birds in flight,

Earth’s kings and all races,

Leaders and important people,

Robust men and women in their prime,

And yes, graybeards and little children.

Let them praise the name of God –

It’s the only name worth praising.

Click below on the following 2 links to be taken to the pages of pictures for Psalm 148:

Psalm 148 in Pictures Part One

Psalm 148 in Pictures Part Two

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