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Which Bible Story Am I Singing About? A Song and Activity by The Scripture Lady

Which Bible Story Am I Singing About? is a fun song and activity by The Scripture Lady to help your kids learn about several of the main stories in the Bible.

Which Bible Story Am I Singing About? was written to help combat biblical illiteracy. Our world may be fighting the Corona virus, but there is a much more deadly presence in many of our churches than a bunch of germs. “What is it?” you may ask? It’s a devastating famine of people not knowing the Word of God.

One of my foundational purposes for my ministry, The Scripture Lady, is to help children become familiar with the Bible. It is my prayer that children are not only drawn into a relationship with Jesus, but also with His Word. Therefore, each song that I write and program that I perform is meant to achieve this goal.

Today, I want to give you a song called, “Which Bible Story Am I Singing About?” It’s one of my favorites to sing and I hope your children will enjoy it, too. This song is perfect for the young child aged preschool through first. It will introduce your children to 5 main stories found in the Bible including Creation, Daniel in the Lions’ Den and Jesus Walks on Water.

But I am also going to give you some Bible story pictures from Old Testament stories to help your children grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. These pictures can be use for both the young and elementary child. (Heads up – I will give pictures from the New Testament next week.)

First up, “Which Bible Story Am I Singing About?” Below is the video presentation of this song that you will be able to download for free. Just click on the link below the video in order to download it.

Click HERE to download this video.

I LOVE sharing Bible story pictures with the kids in the schools and churches that I serve. These pictures come from the public domain and many are from an era when publishing houses produced great artwork.

Below, you will find 27 pictures for the following Old Testament stories in the Bible. Just click on each title and you will be able to print it off or include them in your Power Point presentations. There are also 5 activities listed below to use with the pictures.

Bible Story Pictures


Noah and the Ark

Tower of Babel

Abraham Receives a Promise from God

Sarah Laughs 

Sacrifice of Isaac

Esau Sells His Birthright to Jacob

Jacob Dreams of a Stairway to Heaven

Jacob Wrestles with an Angel

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors

Baby Moses

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses Crosses the Red Sea

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Jericho’s Walls Fall

Gideon Fights the Midianites

Samson Brings Down the Temple

Ruth and Boaz

Samuel Hears God Speak

David and Goliath

Solomon Prays for Wisdom

Elijah is Fed by the Ravens

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Jonah and the Whale

Five Activities for Using the Bible Story Pictures

  1. Place the pictures in a spiral notebook. Laminate the pictures for long term use or place them within plastic cover sleeves. Put the pictures in order as found in the Bible. Talk about some interesting points of each story and ask the children questions about each story to help develop their knowledge.
  2. Place all the pictures out on a table face up. Have the children help you put the pictures in the correct biblical order.
  3. Place all the pictures out on a table face up. Ask a child to find a specific story and see how fast that can do so. You could time the kids and see who finds their story the fastest.
  4. Play “Train” with the pictures. OK, I’m not sure if “Train” is the correct name for this game that I played in school, but it will do for now 🙂 Line all your children up in a row of chairs. The first chair is the first passenger on the train. Show one of the Bible story pictures. If the first passenger is able to say the title of the story, he gets to stay in his chair. Keep showing him a new picture. Each time he says the correct title, he gets to stay in his seat. However, when he gets the story wrong, he must go to the back of the “train.” In other words, all the children will stand up and move one chair down while the child who missed the story goes to the last chair. Keep playing in this way until the child in the first chair has correctly said 5 story titles. He has earned his “Train Engineer” award. He will go to the back of the “train” and try again when his turn comes around.
  5. Send one of the Bible story pictures to your kids through an email and ask them to look the story up and read it. Have them write down 1, 2 or 3 Bible verses that they especially liked in the story and send them back to you. Once you get their email, maybe you can send them some kind of reward for doing a great job.

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