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What’s in the House: Bible Games for Kids Based on John 14:2

SL Post Whats in the House PicBible games for kids are a great way to teach God’s amazing Word and here’s a Bible game based on John 14:2.

John 14:2 says this: “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.”  You might think this is strange, but there are times when I think of what my house might be like someday in Heaven.  I am definitely looking forward to eternity with Jesus.  I heard someone say one time that if it only took God 6 days to create our beautiful earth, can you imagine how amazing Heaven is going to be?  Jesus, Himself, is preparing a place for each of His children.  That is great news and John 14:2 is a great Scripture.  Here is a fun Bible memory verse activity to help your kids memorize this super Bible verse.  I call it “What’s in the House?”

Here’s what you do:

For this game you will need to display John 14:2 with cards that contain the following portions:

1. In my Father’s house

2. there are many rooms.

3. If it were not true

4. I would have told you.

5. I am going there

6. to prepare

7. a place for you

8. John 14:2

Display the cards face out in correct verse order on a pocket chart or table where it can easily be seen.  You will also need to gather the following items that are typically part of any household:

1. toothbrush

2. toothpaste

3. key

4. lightbulb

5. spoon

6. fork

7. cup

8. hotpad

9. teabag

10. soap

11. comb

12. brush

13. flashlight

14. candle

15. wristwatch

16. small book

17. TV remote

18. ladle

19. spatula

20. can opener

21. match

22. pen

23. pencil

24. CD

25. hair roller

26. stapler

27. tape

28. paper clip

Finally, you will need a container big enough to hold 4 of the above items at one time.  You will also need to cover the container in such a way that a child can reach into the container and feel each of the objects without looking at them.  You are now ready to play the game.

Here’s how to play:

After introducing John 14:2 to your class and reciting it several times by looking at the Bible verse display, show the children the covered container of 4 objects.  Explain that each child will get the chance to insert his hand into the container for 30 – 60 seconds to explore the contents only by touch.  After the amount of time is up, the child must tell what he thinks the 4 objects are.  For each object he gets right, a card is turned face out (teacher’s choice) on the Bible verse display.  (Before playing, turn all the cards face down.)  The whole class now says the whole verse together with help from looking at the board.  Play several times making sure each child gets a chance to guess the objects.  If you have more than 7 children in your class, just switch around the objects for each round.

Before playing this Bible memory verse activity, introduce the lesson in the following way:

Who built the home you live in?  (Wait for responses.)  How many rooms are in your house?  (Wait for responses.)  Did you guys know that God is preparing a home for His children in Heaven?  It’s true.  Who would like to read John 14:2?  (Wait for response.)  Can you even begin to imagine how amazing that house is going to be?  Wow!  John 14:2 is a great Bible verse to memorize to help you think of how wonderful Heaven will be one day.  Let’s play a game called “What’s in the House?” to help us memorize this great Scripture.

At this point, have the children recite John 14:2 several times before playing.  Have fun!

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