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What is Sin Game for Elementary Kids by The Scripture Lady

Try playing the What is Sin Game for elementary kids to help them learn more about the one thing that separates them from having a relationship with God.

The What is Sin Game for elementary kids was written for my newest Easter program called, “O Happy Day!” I had a lot of fun putting this program together. I had to take on the challenge of creating a program that expressed both the joy and seriousness of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

I knew I needed to include an element where the kids would be taught about the true meaning of sin. I decided to do this through playing a game. We all know that sin is nothing to play around with. But over the years, I have learned that a game can be very effective when teaching about serious topics. It follows the age-old adage of “a little sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Today, I am teaching you how to plat the What is Sin? Game for elementary kids. It does take some preparation, but it will be well worth it.

Here’s how to play the What is Sin Game for Elementary Kids:

First, you will need to prepare a board of 12 black balloons. Inside 8 of the balloons, you will put a rolled up paper with a red circle on it. In the other 4 balloons, you will put a rolled up paper with a black circle on it. At the top of your board you may want to add a nice game title of “What is Sin?” Securely attach the balloons to the board. I used double sided tape.

Here is a video clip of me playing  the What is Sin Game for elementary kids:

Next, you will use the following poem/script that gives 6 different opportunities for 6 different kids to come and answer the quiz question and then pop a balloon.

Divide your kids into 2 teams. Read the beginning of the script that explains how to play the game. Ask a child to come forward from the first team. Read the first question’s section. After the child gives the correct answer, let that child pick a balloon to pop. If the balloon had a red circle inside, his team gets 100 points. If the circle was black, no points are given. Play in this way till all the questions have been asked.

Here is the script for the What is Sin Game for Elementary Kids:

Because of God’s great love, it’s important to know

Why Jesus died and loves us so

Why did Jesus die upon a wooden cross?

Why must we remember such great loss?

Let’s learn the answer while we play

A balloon popping game that’s played this way

Each balloon represents sin

Each balloon holds a color within

After you answer a question you’ll pick a balloon to pop

If inside the color is black, too bad for you, your choice was a flop

But if inside the color is red you get a hundred points for your team

Which will hopefully make your team smile and scream

You may ask, “What do the red and black colors mean?”

Black is for sin that remains unforgiven. That’s bad!

But red is for the blood of Christ that washes away sin and makes you glad

We are now ready to play the game.

Question One:

Jesus came to earth to take away our sin

Sin is doing something wrong that comes from deep within

Everyone is born with sin in their heart

Everyone’s a sinner right from the start.

Jesus loves you very much, but your sin keeps Him away

He wants to live with you forever, now and every day

So Jesus had to die to take away your sin

And when you believe in Him, you’ll be forgiven deep within

True or False:

Except for Jesus, everyone is born with sin in their heart.

Answer: True

Question Two:

Let me give you some examples of sin from the Bible:

You probably all know by now that lying is a sin

Not telling the truth can have consequences that will make your head spin

Just ask the married couple Ananias and Saphira about their lies that were grand

They lied to Peter about money they got from the sell of their land

Peter asked Ananias, “How is it that Satan’s filled your heart so?”

“You lied to the Holy Spirit, whom you didn’t even owe!”

When Ananias heard this, he fell to the ground and died.

Then when Peter confronted Saphira, she also lied and died.

True or False:

The consequences of lying can be deadly.

Answer: True

Question Three:

Saying you know someone, but then pretending you don’t is a sin called denial

Peter denied Jesus while Jesus was on trial

After the soldiers led Jesus away

Peter followed at a distance, maybe not sure what to do or say

But then a servant girl looked at Peter and said, “You were with Jesus. I know it’s true.”

But Peter denied knowing the Lord and said, “I don’t know Jesus.” He denied God, through and through

Peter denied Jesus not once, but three times.

Then Peter wept bitterly. Oh, how he cried.

True or False:

It is a sin to say you know Jesus, but then deny Him by saying you don’t know Him.

Answer: True

Question Four:

I bet you hear often, “Do not complain!”

Complaining is a sin and can cause great pain.

The Israelites were pros at complaining and often grumbled

God tried to discipline them, but they just weren’t humbled

They complained to Moses in the desert about the water that was bitter

They complained there was no food. They were all in a twitter.

Finally, their complaining brought a consequence that slithered

God sent snakes to bite those who complained. The people died and withered.

True or False:

It’s OK to complain to God.

Answer: False

Question Five:

Have you heard of the Ten Commandments? Did you know there are ten?

They are rules from God that we should obey again and again.

Do not lie. Do not murder and love God above all.

Respect mom and dad and don’t make idols.

Did you know that no one has ever obeyed all ten of God’s laws?

In fact, the Bible says that if you break just one, you’ve broken them all which is no cause for applause.

God’s laws were given to show us that we sin day out and day in

Without God’s forgiveness, we will die in our sin.

True or False:

If you break one of the 10 commandments, you have broken them all.

Answer: True

Question Six:

We’ve learned today that sin is wrong. It’s what we have discussed.

To be a friend of Jesus we must believe His love for us.

When we know that Jesus died to take our sin away

We know He died on the cross and the price for our sin was paid

True or False:

Jesus paid the price for our sin.

Answer: True

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2 thoughts on “What is Sin Game for Elementary Kids by The Scripture Lady”

  • I teach in an after school Christian program for elementary school age children. I see them accepting the Lord and growing in His grace. I thank you so much for your work on the Lord’s team.
    Barbara Barge
    I love this game!

  • Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for sharing about God’s goodness in your after school program! So wonderful to hear that children are accepting Jesus as their Savior! So glad you like the game. The kids LOVE it! Blessings!

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