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The Christmas Quilt Song and Activity by The Scripture Lady

The Christmas Quilt song and activity by The Scripture Lady will add lots of holiday fun to your Christmas celebration as you learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas Quilt song and activity will help your kids learn about the true story of Christmas as they discover the nine colors of a quilt and their relation to each part of the Christmas story.

I love to quilt and when I was writing a new Christmas program several years ago, I thought that it would be fun to use a quilt to tell the true story of Christmas with 9 different colors.

Here is the video of The Christmas Quilt Song:

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Find the Lights that Light Activity 

In addition to giving you the opportunity to view the The Christmas Quilt song, I want to give you an activity that I wrote that pairs well with the song. I call the activity “Find the Lights that Light.” This is a quiz-type game that can be played between two teams and would be perfect for a Christmas Bible activity for your Christmas church party.

The game uses a video that presents the quiz along with the set up of 8 different battery operated strings of Christmas lights. I display my strings of lights on my “Bible Story Board.” Seven of the lights contain working batteries and will light up when the button is pushed. The other one has no batteries and, of course, will not light up. Here is a picture of my display:

After a team member answers the quiz question in the video, he will then get to pick one of the strings of lights. You, the game host, will press the “on” button. If the lights light up, then his team gets 1,000 points. The game continues to be played in the same way until the video quiz has come to an end. Which ever team has the most points is the winner.

This activity will require some preparation, but it will be well worth it.

First, you will need the following video that showcases the “quiz” part to this activity. The video will present all 9 colors of the quilt using the poem of the song. The video will instruct you to pause after each quiz question. There are 10 questions to be answered.


The next thing you will need to prepare are the 8 strings of lights. I purchased mine at my local “dollar” store. In the picture above, you will see that I hung them on hooks. My “Bible Story Board” is actually magnetic, so these hooks worked nicely for me. Another option is to display the lights on a cork board or bulletin board using tacks. The important thing is to have them displayed so everyone can see them.

That’s it for the preparation of this Christmas game for church. The only other thing you might want to do is choose someone to keep score.


The following is a video that will give you instructions on how to set up your “lights” board for the game.

The following poem shares the lyrics to my Christmas Quilt Song:

The Christmas Quilt Song

This is my Christmas quilt. It tells of God’s great love

It tells of when God came to earth from Heaven up above

Each color shares a part of a story that is true

The story is of Christmas God shares with me and you

Black is for the dark, dark world to which the Baby came

God sent His Son to save us. On Him would go our blame.

Bright yellow was the angel as to Mary he proclaimed

She’d give birth to Baby Jesus. From God our Savior came.

Blue is for sweet Mary’s dress who praised her faithful God

She sang a song unto her Lord with a gentle nod

Brown is for dear Joseph’s hair. While asleep an angel said

Behold Mary bears God’s Son! Go take her and be wed

Green was for the grass that lay on the road to Bethlehem

In a manger laid the Babe, God’s greatest gift to men.

Pink is for the rosy cheeks upon the baby’s face

Immanuel, God with us, for all the human race

Purple’s for the wisemen’s robes following the star

They wanted to worship the newborn King and to do so traveled far

White is for the flock of sheep watched by shepherds at night

Behold an angel shared God’s peace and calmed away their fright

There is one final color, a color deep in hue

Some say this is the color of love for me and you

Red is for the blanket that wrapped the Babe so small

A reminder that when He grew up, He’ll give His life for all

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Christmas activities for kids are great!

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